The BBC news of August 14 2014 told the story that Israels Mossad would was given a grant of 540,000 pounds for the first 6 months
to have teams of computer literate students to spend 5 hours per week rubbishing whistleblowers.
They also have “covert Units” already spreading pro-isreali propaganda and buying or blackmailing known bloggers to make

 hate attacks on real news figures, even down to the faking of documents and photographs.
Th equivalent of 3 million pounds was paid out to pro-israel bloggers and commenters in the year 2011.
The international news of 4 Dec 2010 claimed 1000 Danish computer literate people were being paid to write Pro-Israeli
comments on blogs and rubbish anyone who was not onside, they were to be called unpleasant names and labelled anti-semites haters perverts and racists.

The agenda is aimed primarily at those who support the Boycott of Israeli goods and services, and do not support the genocide in palestine, those who want to leave the EU, criticise immigration Monsanto or Chemtrials, follow alternative news sites or oppose homosexuality/child abuse,  anything Catholic is also a top target.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz  claimed that teams have already been at work on facebook and chat forums for quite some time,

but the main targets are  well known figureheads, Chris Spivey being the latest, we have already seen David Icke, Ben Fellowes, Digger for truth, T Stokes , Pete Wilson, Trust excavator, The Truthseeker bodd Rixon Stewart even had a fake facebook page set up which was extremely derogatory and unsavoury in nature.

Rupert Murdoch is said to have phone tapped and had mail intercepts issues on a lot of those who are not onside with Israels aims for the NWO, info gathered from massive phone taps was passed to Mossad for clearing or classing as Cabbages needing further action including death, for those who dont accept bribes or threats such as Chris Spivey and Bill Maloney etc

Sippenhaft is the rule by which dissidents families are legitemate targets such as we have seen in Palestine as of August 14  this rule is now in the USA and the UK, your freinds and families are now at risk, and Rupert Murdoch is supplying info on many UK people every day to people who will destroy this country along with Palestine Libya Iraq Syria and soon Iran.
Dont laugh if i tell you arrangements are being made to drone attack  certain people if the need arises in the USA, if the USA then why not here ?

Peter Wilson  had a teenage girl stay at his home with his daughter for several days, when seeing them off at the rail station to go to the girls home he gave them both a goodbye kiss, photos arrived at his home with his wife and the background airbrushed out and the suggestion he was having a relationship with this 15 year old girl and he must remain silent, this  horrified him and  his radio Truth show tells how he was offered a bribe to rubbish or quarrel with other truthists,  when he refused his life was threatened and his car was found wrecked in the morning, the car wrecking of truthtellers  is happening all across the UK to those who oppose the NWO.

We must get the word out but beware recent blogposts tell us we have many 5th columnists within our ranks

Chris Cooper investigations

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Christ, well some of this we did know aready i was surprised he did not mention the FEMA camps,
    but it is evident that we do have
    5th columnists, there probably always has been.
    I have met Bill Maloney and he is fearless about threats but i do fear for his safety.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is funny, the author put next years date on !!!
    so much for rushing ha ha

  3. Anonymous says:

    HI TAP
    So this is why people are attacking our alternative news people, truthtellers and whistleblowers ?
    and people are paying to have others attack their own kind ?

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