Dear Tap,

I was going to leave a comment – Jesus, one needs to be a paid professional truth researcher to follow everything just on Tap e.g. The Swiss stuff, the 40 plus Fukushima report… time, time, time! No wonder most 9-5ers with 2.4 kids are so in the dark. They simply do not have the time even if they have the inclination. But…. this link below is so awfully crappy aaahhhh…. I understand you are not conducive to rude words, so use your own cos I feel like swearing with words not even invented.

Have you ever watched such a load of fucking nauseating mind boggling sickening bullshit crap as this? God and or the infinite consciousness help us:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s I Pledge Video:


TAP – There is a mass of information out there, Ned.  I try to select stuff that’s worth reading and contributes to our understanding.  You express the natural emotions well as the artist that you are.  I avoid getting too emotional myself as it would be hard to do the job of editor, if I thought of how evil and dumb much of the stuff is that’s being done in the world.  If we can build a picture of understanding, that is a valuable job done.  We need a framework to be able to work out which way to go, and what choices to make.   

The shills try to needle us with their hateful comments.  It gives me great pleasure to delete them all, and keep the comments as clean as I can.  It’s always good to hear from you each day with something cheerful or amusing.  It helps digest the rest, which is less pleasant to handle.

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