David Cameron threatens The Guardian

David Cameron May Take ‘Tougher Measures’ Against The Guardian 
By Ned Simons
October 28, 2013 “Information Clearing House – “Huffington Post” –   David Cameron has indicated the government may try and use “tougher measures” against The Guardian to prevent it from publishing further revelations about the activities of British intelligence agencies.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon, the prime minister said while the government had not yet been “heavy handed” in how it responded to the dissemination of leaks from NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden – it could crack down if it continued.

“We live in a free country so newspapers are free to publish what they want,” he said. However he added the articles in The Guardian had made “this country less safe”.
And he urged newspapers to use “judgement and common sense” when deciding to publish material. “I don’t want to have to use injunctions or D-Notices or the other tougher measures. I think its much better to appeal to newspapers’ sense of social responsibility,” he said.

But he added: “If they don’t demonstrate some social responsibility it would be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act.”

D-Notices are issued to editors by government to request they do not publish material in the interests of national security.

Cameron, who was facing questions from MPs on last week’s summit of European leaders, also took the opportunity to insist the work of British spies had helped to save lives across the continent. “Our intelligence has also allowed us to warn our EU allies of plots against their people,” he said.

The meeting of EU presidents and prime ministers in Brussels was dominated by the allegations that the United States had bugged the phone of German chancellor Angela Merkel. Cameron said he would not comment on the work of British intelligence agencies or whether he believed his phone had been hacked by the Americans – however he pointed to a White House statement that denied the the US had targeted his phone.
Cameron added: “The UK has a very strong, long standing trust based relationship with the United States, not least as part of the ‘Five Eyes’ partnership.”
The revelations about the global activities of American and British intelligence agencies have been hugely embarrassing for Washington and London and have cause a deep diplomatic rift between president Obama and several European allies.

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6 Responses to “David Cameron threatens The Guardian”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Israeli news said after the Edward Snowden fiasco, it would be camping down on all whistleblowers from the use of dirty tricks, with faked emails and photographs, to taking down websites and sending viruses to selct email adresses.
    people will be bribed or blackmailed to assist, socialists
    drug addicts and those of LMF ( low moral fibre) will be brought into the battle against whistleblowers.
    We have seen reams of hate emails doing the rounds against those like chris spivey these past weeks,
    and i gather this wil be continued

  2. Anonymous says:

    The doublespeak and blatant hypocracy spewed forth on a daily basis from cameron et al would be laughable if not so ominous, inherently dishonest and so terminally destructive. For any of our establishment showboaters to pontifacte to the world and the british public about what is morally right etc. etc. In terms of security (Snowdon) diclosures defies all logic and norms of honesty and common decency. This from the same clown who “lost” a nuclear bomb in Oman while on assignement to return same to uk. The same clown who offered a “cast iron guarantee” if elected to conduct a referendum and to regain uk sovereign rights from the eu, the same lying clown who rants about the rights of nationals in multiple countries while 10,000 children per year “disappear” from uk govt mismanaged “care” homes and our senior citizens in uk are told to wear more clothing merely to stay alive in the face of govt sanctioned spiralling energy costs, to say nothing of the proven ongoing culling programme throughout the nhs. Ley THEM know the game is up, the cat is out the bag and THEY have been found out on all fronts & consequently have ZERO credibility and even less respect with WE the People! Dave

  3. Anonymous says:

    dave you are the man !
    thankyou dave you get my vote

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dave you put into words what I was thinking, Cheers.

  5. Tapestry says:

    A black and white view of the world means we are toast. Things are mercifully a fraction more nuanced.

  6. Jason says:

    Hey people, please explain what is wrong here. David ‘The dog’ Cameron, as many call him, has caused many poor and needy to die via his welfare cuts, suicidal incitement, starvation etc, so although he has not effectively ‘pulled the trigger,’ surely, if investigated, he would be found guilty of Murder – in the 2nd degree, and punished. Ok ok, in prison he may be sentenced to serve with a large black gay who will do to him what he is now doing to the poor and needy he actually did say should had no fear…’that I will ensure they suffer and die’ he neglected to add…
    David Cameron is without question a murderer, even though this may be due to his ignorance and hence lack of study into his decisions…unless of course he was told, ‘but David, some poor and needy will die…’
    ‘Yes,’ he’d smile, ‘acceptable losses!’
    ..if the public under threat are aware of this attempt on their lives, and as ALL other means of defense have been ignored and rejected by this killer, the possible action necessary will be to defend yourself – or other citizens under threat – by Justifiably killing aforesaid killer…
    Watch out David, ..people know you are killing people – details are often hidden..but they are there if you search..so, people under threat may be thinking, ‘he wants me dead…so..kill, or be killed!’

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