Damage to Miriam’s Car Not Consistent with “Ramming Barricade” Story

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I have yet to find a single picture of the barricade at the White House she supposedly rammed.
UPDATE: Official story changes. See update at the end of the article.
Earlier I wrote about the strange story of Miriam Carey and how it would seem to me that the story might revolve around her child more than people think.
Looking at some of the photos from the scene, it occurred to me that I had missed a good part of the story and was taking something for granted that I shouldn’t have.
I don’t think she tried to “ram” her car through any barricade to start with. There is no damage to her car consistent with that story.
When I saw the video I assumed like everyone else that something had to have happened for law enforcement to be chasing her like they were outside the grounds of the White House.
I took it for granted that she had tried to make her way into the White House to see someone for whatever reason.
But the fact is, the only video we have of this incident shows her trying to leave the grounds, not go further inside. And apparently they really didn’t want her to leave.
The video we have of her being surrounded by 5 or 6 cops was taken well away from the White House, near the Capitol.
The story goes she tried to ram her way through either a barricade or the White House gate depending on which story you read. But the evidence at hand doesn’t support that story at all.

“Driving a black Infiniti with a young child believed to be her daughter in the back seat, Ms. Carey tried to barrel through a checkpoint outside the White House at 2:12 p.m” New York Times
“The incident began at approximately 2:12 p.m. when a black Infiniti rammed a barrier outside the White House at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The car was chased to 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue NW, police said.” ABC News
Carey rammed her car into a barricade outside the White House and then led police on a chase that ended with her being shot near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.” NBC
“The sources say Miriam Carey, 34, tried to ram her car through a White House barricade before leading police on a high-speed chase that put the Capitol on lockdown and ended in a hail of gunfire.” NBC New York

Take a look at a couple pictures of her car. click on images for larger views

Dear Tap,

what on earth is going on here? All the pix showing the black infiniti car which the police/msm claim had attempted to “ram a barricade” is undamaged on the front and only shows damage on the rear where the UNARMED lady reversed into a police car.  Am unable to upload any pix but have seen them today on the internet. Any car “ramming” any kind of barricade would display huge damage to the front wings, grill, and the plastic bumper/lower skirting would have been smashed and fallen off. Even if she had “rammed a barricade” why was she shot dead?  What happened to those fabled tasers which ALL cops in the USA now carry?  Once again another highly visible, high profile incident  simply “stinks” with the usual stench of staged event. 


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    Sounds like a Trooper Rigsby sketch.

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