Capitol Car Chase And Shooting Happens The Same Day As Major First Responder Drill In DC Area

Washington DC was temporarily placed on police lockdown following a bizarre incident where a woman was said to have rammed a security barricade near the White House. After ramming the security barricade the woman who had a young child with her was pursued by several Capitol Police cruisers and brutally shot to death by the cops. 

The incident resulted in an immediate police lockdown of the area with a bunch of government goons roaming around the area with weapons. The corporate media even jumped over the story providing continuous coverage while presenting the incident as a possible terror attack. Although additional details are bound to come out shedding more light on this situation, new reports have revealed that the woman was unarmed. This raises serious questions about the actions of the Capitol Police not to mention the blatant media sensationalism surrounding this event.

What this shows more than anything is that America has gone completely insane. This was unquestionably a convenient excuse for the government to show off a large scale militarized police presence. If a militarized police lockdown is required to counter the threat of a single unarmed woman with a baby ramming a barricade, than it is obvious these people will be totally screwed if they are faced with a real threat.
What’s really sick about this is that both phony political parties in the U.S. House of Representatives expressed their gratitude to the Capitol Police for their actions with a standing ovation. So here we see the entire legislative body cheering the Capitol Police gunning down an unarmed woman. This proves that these people are nuts. This is not something that deserves approval let alone a standing ovation. If these people had any sort of credibility they would be calling for an investigation into the Capitol Police as to why they needed to shoot an unarmed woman in this manner. Unfortunately in this so-called post 9/11 era this type of thuggish police action is par for the course and endorsed by lawmakers and other idiot goons in the federal government.
Of course we should also ask if this event is real or staged. The government and the media have lied about so many of these different incidents that it is impossible to accept any official story at face value. One interesting item of note is that this event coincided with a government sanctioned drill called Capital Shield 14 that was happening in the DC area today. Historically we have seen several media sensationalized events and assorted government run terror operations that have occurred on the same day as similiar types of drills and exercises. The Boston Marathon bombing that happened just this past April is one recent example but other events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London subway bombings also fit into this category. Whenever something like this happens it raises serious questions as to the true nature of the actual event because drills are often used as cover for real government financed terrorist and psychological warfare operations.
Below is a description of the Capital Shield 14 drill as described on the U.S. Army’s web site.
Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3, and is hosted by the Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region. It brings federal, state, local and municipal agencies together to realistically test interagency operability during a crisis impacting the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. It also trains and prepares the Department of Defense to provide defense support to civil authorities and employ appropriate force protection measures as requested.
The web site goes on to describe how over 38 government agencies were participating in the exercise.
More than 38 participating agencies from DOD and capital region response agencies performed mock mass casualty rescues, defense support to civil agency technical rescues and law enforcement tactical responses. The goal of the exercise is to ensure government agencies at every level are prepared to coordinate action to protect the public in the event of an actual disaster in the National Capital Region..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading different accounts of this
    it does not ring right, a woman going ona terror attack would know the white house has no entry for hecles, she would have gone armed and she would not take her baby along with her in the car.
    I smell more US bullshit here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any major incident should now be considered as a false-flag by our government.

    Nothing happens by chance and the real terrorists are the government who want to further their New World Order madness.

    This gentleman explained it quite eloquently:

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