Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails

Conspiracy is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but no one does anything. 

Finally, an Ottawa man
is addressing both. Davoud Tohidy wants Canada
to come clean on chemtrails and will sue if necessary.
He is asking for our support.
by Davoud Tohidy
I am Davoud Tohidy, age 47. As a civil engineer, I immigrated to Canada from Iran in 1999 and became a citizen in 2013. I changed my profession to web developer in 2009.

Until the year 2011, I had no clue about what is really going on in terms of Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering or Chemtrails.

In 2011, an article about Chemtrails changed my life forever. As I did more research, I became aware of serious threats to our environment and mankind in general. I have always seen myself a citizen of the world rather than citizen of a particular Country. I respected and accepted all the races for whom they were. I never allowed any political figures and or media tell me what is right or not.

As an individual with an extremely high intuition and sixth sense, I almost always can analyze the data and figure out the underlying facts.

I believe chemtrails exist because I see them being sprayed with my own eyes. I have felt different side effects such as arthritis at my age!! Neck ache for two weeks which are symptoms of chemtrails. Secondly, credible individuals such as Ted Gunderson former L.A FBI chief and a  NASA Scientist talk about Chemtrails. Plus, there are several patents proving that the technology exists.

There are some speculation on whether chemtrails are part of a depopulation agenda. In my opinion, the most important reason for chemtrails  is that  “they” are preparing for “Project Blue Beam” which was exposed by Serge Monast. 


As soon as I found out that we are being sprayed like bugs, I started to fight it. In August 2011, I created a pdf file with information and evidence about this crime and other conspiracies.

I contacted private investigators, politicians, newspapers, churches, activists, organizations, companies and people all around the world and sent them the pdf file via email. I also created a small business card with information about Chemtrails, chembusters and so on and have handed them out actively on Ottawa streets since October 2011.

I started a Chemtrails Petition with the help of two cohorts. We gathered more than 3400 signatures from all over Canada. I gathered 1640 signatures in Ottawa on my own under several direct physical provocations and indirect serious threats to my life.

“They” had hired different individuals including homeless and others to block my way, prevent me from getting signatures and also, on two different occasions, three different individuals were used to physically provoke me so to create a problem and then prevent me from gathering signatures.

In addition, due to social media, I was able to gather many more signatures.

Despite the criminals’ efforts to stop this Petition, our Petition was presented to Parliament by Mr. Alex Atamanenko, MP  on Oct 21, 2013.  and I have created a Youtube of the presentation. It has been recorded in Hansard and this is a great accomplishment. The government has 45 days to answer, which I expect will be lies and denials. That is why I am preparing a criminal lawsuit. [Listen to an interview with Atamenenko here. ]


Even though this Petition will raise awareness, the lies and denials are likely to continue. The criminals behind this crime do not understand the language of “human”. They understand the language of force and power. People have been screaming and petitioning the Government of Canada about Chemtrails since 1997, if I am not mistaken. Their voice has not been heard.

The only way to stop this crime is to bring a criminal lawsuit, which is why I started my fundraising site  to hire professional investigators and lawyers.

I invite you to read the articles linked in the sidebar of my site.  We must take action now before it is too late. Our fight may postpone the criminals’ plans. However there is no guaranty they will stop the crimes against humanity unless we take them to the criminal court.

 I would like to conclude with this important message from the singer Michael Jackson who states: “we have four years left to get it right or else it is irreversible then…we are done”.

Please join me at my website  and help to send some criminals behind the crime of geoengineering / Chemtrails spraying behind bars for the rest for their lives. You can Donate or be a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. I guaranty that every dollar of your donations will be spent towards restoring our nature and our planet.

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6 Responses to “Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails”

  1. Hmmm, yes have seen big up tick in solar activity but come 13th nov, sounds like a 911 to me, maybe dark forces will use it as a pretext and if that is true then this guy not goy is obviously in the loop.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “The only way to stop this crime is to bring a criminal lawsuit, which is why I started my fundraising site to hire professional investigators and lawyers.”

    It would be nice if these lawyers and investigators offered their services pro bono. Especially as their lives and their childrens lives are being being compromised by toxic poison being sprayed upon us that is chemtrails.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very VERY GOOD POINT 2:19


    ps Could say it speaks VOLUMES?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Read this about attacks and slander on truthtellers, and people are paid to do this to us ?

  5. There is an antidote for the chem-trail toxins which will cause, when you reach the body’s toxic level, a “cytokine storm,” of antibodies which will cause death in minutes due to your lungs filling up too many antibodies…The antidote is 1800mg a day of the amino acid, “NAC,” which is available at most health food and vitamin stores. The heavy metals in the chem-trails, such as, mercury, barium, can be removed from the body by eating the super green foods: spirulina, chlorella, and the herb, cilantro.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I domicile in N. California and even when the rain clouds are forming I can still see ‘them’ spraying the sky above the fully formed clouds, I also notice sticky residue spots on my automobiles after ‘they’ spray. I called the local airport in Chico one day and asked who do I talk to about the spraying in the sky. I got a phone number from one of the staffs at the airport. I was surprised one of the reps. out of Ohio called me back. I told him I was getting sick from the spraying; I got some lame story from this guy which made no sense. I hung up and told him I will be calling back. I now know why they want to outlaw vitamins in the u.s.A. It may be our only saving grace from constant spraying. God help us!!

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