Britain’s shame

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This interview by Pie N Mash Films is powerful. It left me a little stunned… what happens next? Something must, because this interview is out there now.
Yet again, I find myself asking the same boring question: where is the taxpayer funded moral high ground taking BBC? Radio 4 was in the US interviewing John ‘Insane’ McCain this morning. Dreadful stuff all round.
I know, presstitues etc… but, you must keep asking them, hold them to account some how, some way.
I’m contemplating making a brief statement with a link to this interview and submit to my local police station so at least I might secure a signed receipt, that I have informed them – yeah, I know, they’ll probably say just another unsolicited internet film.
Whatever floats yer boat in the bedroom, if consensual, I guess is fine, but children and babies?! Consensual acts have long been left behind at that stage. It is a challenge to even contemplate who or why adult humans wish to force themselves upon anyone let alone babies in the manner described in this interview. I started watching the ‘Dutch’ interview and confess it was all too much…

It puts our legal and police system to absolute shame; indeed, it puts our whole system to shame. But worry not, because England have qualified for the World Cup so why focus on depressing and negative stuff eh Ned!? God and or the infinite consciousness help us.

The mind boggles.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The comment by NPP sums it up totally, a prevuous commenter drew attention to the fact that whistleblowers are being persecuted by 5th columnists paid to do so, i know ofa guy who runs a small truth radio staion from his front room, he has had harrassment and threats too but a passing car fired a gunshot through his conservatry window, Colin had a bulet sent to him in the post aong with a threat on his life, and another NWO blogger has had his front door smeared with excrememnt on a regular basis, these attackers must be vile people

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nick kollerstrom and Maud Dib, have suffered more than most from hate attacks, hunted from their jobs, their homes and familes attacked, threat after more threats yet still they give us info
    none has suffered more than these two.
    I take off my hat to them.
    BTW there is said to be a hit list doing the rounds of people they will pay to have rubbished and David Ickes name is not on it ?
    strange eh ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think peoples vigilante action will prove to be the only way to bring all the perverts to justice because the entire system is riddled with the cancer of perverts and corruption throughout. reiverdave

  4. Anonymous says:

    But how can people in the know speak out when there are those who wil betray them, the PTB are the enemy so how can people be so taken in ?
    I trust no one now with what i say.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The sums paid to throw dirt are not big sums, anything from 25 to 100, talk of 500 and 1000
    are sums we never heard of at Truthradio.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its not always money that changes hands several people have ben blackmailed to hurt other truthers

  7. Anonymous says:

    500 to 1000 quid ??
    eff me, i would sell my granny for that amount..i will get onto Rupert Murdoch right away…hes gonna be my new best freind…move over Elles Taylor… ha ha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bill maloney has carved a niche for getting the truth out,
    he is one of several gallant fgures who deserve our respect.
    I am upset to think people are attacking him and spivey
    great guys

  9. Anonymous says:

    We need people to stand outside the MSM outlets and the houses of parliament with placards protesting the shameful cover up of state sponsored kidnapping followed by establishment abuse and/or “disappearance” of 10,000 children per year. These are crimes of the highest degree and MUST be fully exposed. We need to speak out and expose the sheeple targeted forums such as “question time’ and radio ‘phone-ins for the sham they really are and start to harass them and their presenters with the REAL issues, and it needs to be done on the streets, everywhere they can be reached and confronted. We MUST enter and disturb THEIR comfort zone.

    Imagine if thousands of tourists were to see a visible campaign, a physical manifestation of anger by “the people” relentless in it’s pressure for the truth no matter where it leads. ‘In-your-face” action is required in all constituencies and avery public avenue. reiverdave

  10. Anonymous says:

    Campaign ..see were it will go..people don’t care …..especially against kidding fiddling and murder ….all talk No Do…then theirs the glory Hunters..How many more have to suffer and die no lie….

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