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Re: Ben Fellows arrested.
I presume you’ve read this piece on Exaro. It was David Hencke (Exaro) who passed Tom Watson evidence that child abuse had taken place at Elm Guest House. So unless Hencke is a 99.5% gatekeeper or been bought off, you could conclude he’s a reliable witness.

TAP –  How can anyone tell who’s in the system, and who isn’t?  They needed some fireworks to make it appear the Jimmy Savile allegations were being taken seriously.  These could have been fed to Watson with the Prime Minister’s defence in place.  The only moment he seemed to be made really uncomfortable when the names were handed to him by Phillip Schofield on Breakfast TV.  His kneejerk – ‘this is in danger of becoming a homophobic witchhunt’ with very angry face told you he was caught unawares.  

Others say that Ben Fellows can’t be trusted, but the amount of stuff he’s put out suggests he was being entirely truthful with all the dreadful things that he experienced at the hands of the media and political elites.  If you hold that opinion, then Hencke has been bought off.

It was the witness statement taken from David Henche which saved Ken Clarke’s reputation and ensured no further investigation into the matter.
He says ‘The most egregious error that he has made, and one that could have far reaching consequences for many others, is the allegation that Ken Clarke molested him. This is completely untrue. Ken Clarke was never involved in the Cook Report investigation into Cash for Questions in any way, shape, or form. Ken Clarke was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time and the idea that he would be hobnobbing with Ian Greer is simply ridiculous.’
Shying away from calling Ben Fellows a complete liar, he offers an olive branch with the theory that it was all a case of mistaken identity.
He says ‘That said there is another man who Ben Fellows almost certainly would have met during his time working on the Cook Report and that is Sir Peter Morrison, “a known pederast”, who was so close to Ian Greer that he actually had a desk in Greer Associates’ office. 

Hencke writes –  How I helped police clear Kenneth Clarke of ‘sex assault’ smear

I was able to assist detectives to establish that Tory minister was being wrongly accused

Ben alleged that Ken Clarke fondled his penis underneath his clothes when he was a child actor in a whip’s office in the Houses of Parliament, during the making of a TV programme.

Ben claimed the actions were caught on camera and that there were witnesses.  Other information indicates that the allegations have been disproven.  The film was destroyed under the instructions of David Cameron when he was Communications Director of Carlton TV.

The Police refused to interview Ken Clarke about Ben Fellows’ allegations telling him Ken Clarke was too high up to be made to face his accusations.  The video of this was put online but has since been withdrawn.

Now the system is moving in on Ben.  The supposed victim now the accused.

Ben Fellows tells it like it is


Andrew Lloyd Webber.

UPDATE –  Ben Fellows is missing.

Ben told me he had more things that are of public interest concerning his conversation with the Police.  I suggested it’s best to spill everything he has.  Here’s the tape of the Police interview from November 2012.

Ben as he was when the paedophile predators tried to work him over.

It covers his experiences as a child actor,  being offered by his agent Sylvia Young to Tom Cruise for sex (Tom chose someone else), Christopher Cazenove making violent sexual moves on him in a hotel room, and how he is advised to make a Police statement to protect himself from Ken Clarke suing him for the penis-touching allegations.  (Once allegations are subject of a Police enquiry, the alleger cannot be sued.  Furthermore, not mentioned, no newspaper can carry them)

That’s just the first tape.

‘That’s how it was for me,’ Ben says.

He explains that Max Clifford has many people recorded on tape ‘admitting what they do’, (TAP – presumably with kids).  Was this why Max Clifford was arrested?

There’s a lot of background on how the entertainment industry works and the exploitation of young actors, and how people hold dirt on each other to keep each other quiet.  Young actors who love all the glamour will do ‘pretty much whatever’ to get a career.  It’s all about control, says Ben.

Esther Rantzen invited him to a party in the New Forest.  Drugs.  Alcohol.  Children.  Adults.  Sex.

Police comment – ‘There’s the screen face, then there’s who these people really are’.

A 13 year old from an Australian soap was raped at an after show party in front of fifteen people.   The perpetrator is named.  No one did anything about it.

Mel Smith.  Joanna Lumley.  Joan Collins.  Drugs.  Ben told the Press a few of the seedier details of his encounters with these people.  The newspapers reported none of it.  The PR machine makes them all seem like wonders of the world.  As Ben makes clear in this video, they definitely are not.  As usual the Police are concerned not to investigate but to keep the lid on the pot.

Ben seems to want to get it all off is chest, and talks fluently as you would expect from a professional actor.  Once you start listening, you are transported to the end without a pause.

Bruce Forsyth is mentioned.  Jimmy Savile.  Andrew Lloyd Webber groomed him through multiple auditions, and then stuck his tongue down Ben’s throat, grabbing Ben’s genitals, when he was 15 in 1990.  He didn’t complain.  Who could I complain to, he asks the Police officers.  Silence.

From Twitter about Ben’s revelations in this interview –

QUOTE: “Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Collin Farrel. Outed as rent boy sceners by Ben Fellows to take on VIP paedo

Ben’s email to The Tap….. 

Okay here’s full disclosure. 

I’ve uploaded the first of 3 video’s to utube naming names once and for all. If the Police won’t do their job well then the public have a right to know what secrets the Police are keeping to use for their own benefit.

Here is the link 

Please download and repost as this video won’t last long. 

Good luck!
All the best

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15 Responses to “Ben Fellows arrested”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ben is another one who has been hounded for telling the truth, i was reading about Elm house for anyone who does not know please google it, the whsitleblowers were killed in a house fire.
    The 70s jewish actor who used the name Peter Wyngarde would visit these homes and sexually abuse the boys with other gays.
    I find all this so sick and then to read that people are being paid to attack whistleblowers just makes me want to puke

  2. Anonymous says:

    videos have been removed

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny that! what good timing? just when the BBC stated day or so ago Kenneth Clark had taken a flight to the USA Washington?

    what a can of worms.

    How do we protect support those whom place themselves in harms way, simply speaking the truth?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Its called tall poppy syndrome
    the poppies that are visible above the rest are the first ones to be seen and cut.
    so it is with those who speak out like Ben Spivey and the rest, the shits will attack them

  5. Tapestry says:

    The videos worked fine for a few weeks. Obviously they’ve been taken down as they were acutely revealing of the Police refusing to take a statement from Ben Fellows accusing Ken Clarke, and their refusal to investigate the allegations was clearly recorded. Nothing lasts long online. If you want to keep records, you should capture the things while they’re up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    whoa they are really after Ben now, i got 2 mass emailings today
    and so did a couple of mates saying Chris Spivey is a nazi a fascist liar a fraud and a perv,
    his fantastic Screaminmg lord Sutch item must have sure hit the mark !!!
    some one using the name ellis taylor, obviously a fake name claims to be behind this !!

  7. yes2truth says:

    Shame about the videos ‘cos they were classic examples of wooden-top, muppet British Policy Officers.

    Never was a truer statement ever made about them being divided into three categories: thick or bent or lazy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    don’t loose your head good guys


  9. Anonymous says:

    I can give a personal reference for Colin Carswell any day and for anyone, i have known him since schooldays and these accusations are entirely without foundation,
    I dont know Ben but i believe him, why would someone make up stuff like this ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Now Phillip Marshall has been found dead with his immediate family, Chris Spivey covers this well today.
    Philip who spoke out about the 9/11
    mossad attack, refused to back down and ignored threats, it looks like mossad may well get away with this one too

  11. Anonymous says:

    THE BIG BAMBOOZLE: 9/11 and the War on Terror by Philip Marshall


  12. Anonymous says:

    Whistleblowers are going down like ninepins, either being killed or being slagged off by paid shits i mean shills, when will it all stop ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 10:42. It will stop when “THEY” understand they must ultimately comply with amnesty or, face the consequences of a peoples court and subsequent peoples justice. The fat lady is not singing yet but she is warming up!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Phil Schneider who was in black projects for 17 years and whistleblew on some hidden government law breaking has aslo been murdered please look him up on youtube, this man wasa great US hero who said that over 500 billion dolars per year was being wasted on the black military.

  15. I haven’t seen anything to change my mind that Ben is telling the truth.

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