Andrew MacGregor’s ‘Hit Piece’ on Jim Stone

Anyone familiar with the Rebel Site will know what a strong supporter I’ve always been of Jim Stone. I religiously republished his Fukushima report and every single of his articles for the past twelve months. I literally spent hundreds of hours and advertising dollars promoting his writings in mail outs and social media. Like many of my readers, I used to believe that Jim Stone was one of the greatest investigative reporters there is at the moment.
When I received Andrew MacGregor’s article ‘Joe Vialls, Ari, and Jim Stone in ‘The mouse that roared’ , suggesting that Jim Stone was an infiltrator and the same person as Joe Vialls, I was devastated. ‘Not Jim Stone too’ I thought to myself. Of course, there was the theoretical possibility, that Andrew MacGregor himself was an infiltrator on a mission to destroy Jim Stone, but I quickly discounted that option. Andrew MacGregor has been an activist writer for too many years, I know his phone number, his address and his former staff number as a retired Victorian police officer. Over the past 10 years, he has written many pieces on wide area of subjects related to government-sponsored terrorism and psyops, causing tremendous embarrassment to the Australian and American government. What is more, he’s never been afraid of using the J-word.
I immediately posted Andrew MacGregor’s article. Not only was this the quickest way to establish the truth, I also felt the duty towards my readers to notify them of any information that comes to my attention suggesting that a prominently featured writer on the Rebel Site was a government spook.
The ‘rebuttals’ came in very quickly as expected. I must admit though, that I was disappointed by their quality. They consisted mainly of juvenile personal attacks on the writer, me and the Rebel Site. James Farganne’s article ‘James Is Not Jim Is Not Joe’ was the only response so far making some effort of using rational arguments to counter Andrew MacGregor’s reasoning. Having said that, many of the points raised by James Farganne are along the lines of ‘trust me, I vouch for Jim Stone.’ An in-depth rebuttal of Jim Stone’s, James Farganne’s and Piotr Bein’s responses to Andrew MacGregor’s article is currently being written by Andrew MacGregor and will be published as soon as I get my hands on it.
Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t entirely made up my mind as yet, which side is wrong. There is too much at stake to quickly jump to conclusions. Having said that, up to now I find Andrew MacGregor’s arguments far more convincing than the opposing side’s and I’m not alone. I have corresponded with a number of prominent fellow dissidents on that matter and they are equally sitting on the fence. We all hope that Jim Stone and his supporters can convince us that Andrew MacGregor is wrong.
There is an easy way to lay this case to rest. I have already approached James Farganne via email with the suggestion of arranging a Skype conference between Jim Stone and Andrew MacGregor with the purpose of satisfying Andrew MacGregor that Jim Stone and Joe Vialls are not the same person. Quite frankly, in spite of the age difference and the difference in weight, both men do look similar. As far as I know, there is only one Jim Stone photo in circulation. With today’s computer technology it is easy enough to make someone look 20 years older or younger than they really are and make them look heavier or slimmer. Even losing 20 kilos, one or two buttox treatments and a pair of sunnies could have done the trick. A 5-10 minute Skype conference should be sufficient to establish the truth. Since according to Jim Stone American government agents have already hunted him down in Mexico, know his whereabouts and most likely have a recent photo of him, I wouldn’t accept safety concerns as an acceptable reason for rejecting this simple verification process. I’m looking forward to Andrew Farganne’s respectively Jim Stone’s response.

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