Alien invasion – ‘they may not come in peace’

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Came across this article this morning which I think yourself and WASP at least will find interesting. I know I did! 
Our Government Is Preparing For the Worst Invasion Ever! “They May NOT Come In Peace!” (Videos Include Mainstream News Footage)
About half way down the page there is a Click Here For More link which takes you to the Vatican’s Lucifer telescope account with the much respected Tom Horn.
And by the way, have you noticed the number of TV ads these days with stupid blue aliens or other equally stupid ET forms. It’s like we’re being conditioned to accept the abnormal for normal so that when the event occurs it will be less of a blow and may even appear as perfectly normal.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    they are indeed using blue alien type figures to brainwash us into accepting them, they did the same with foreigners and homosexuals

  2. Anonymous says:

    Avatar comes to mind.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    In the printed part of the link he lists the evil ones including banks that don’t use gold.That’s really good to know,now I can rob people and deceive them and still go to heaven if I use gold.Is this the Daily Junior? Oh that’s good,the word on the robot bit is nut ride!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Haaretz the Jew news agency has admitted they use fake alternative
    websites and muck spreaders as news casters
    Ben Fulford Greg Hallet and Wasp spring immediately to mind,

    • The Alien Card: How will the globalists play it?

      It is clear that the globalist “elite” are inculcating the belief in benevolent extraterrestrials in the public mind. But why? From my current perspective, there are three ways they can play the alien card:

      1) They are already playing it, and they are using UFOs and ETs to distract inquisitive people. If the globalists can get people to look up at the skies, no one will notice what is happening on the ground as the NWO unfolds. This is the most conventional way of looking at the UFO question.

      2) They are preparing the public to accept a fake alien arrival. Instead of seeing real ETs arrive in real ET spacecraft, we’ll see genetically modified humans arriving in black budget aerospace craft. Given that scientists have been publicly cloning complex animals like sheep and genetically modifying goats to produce spider silk in their milk, is it so hard to believe that black budget science has produced a cloned, genetically modified human? If the globalists unleash upon the public a race of mind-controlled, mystery religion-indoctrinated hybrids flying antigravity craft, they can really play with people’s minds.

      3) They are trying to generate public consent for an intrusion by real extraterrestrial / extradimensional beings. By getting people to believe that all our problems will be solved when the ET/EDs show up, they are building freewill permission for the ET/EDs to step in and run things. The globalists have built the multipolar NWO pyramid…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have heard that they disolve in water.
    So keep a bucket of water nearby.
    Chuck it and run.

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