ADL Declares Time-Travel to be anti-Semitic

Work this one out……………….!!!

New York–Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, today announced at a press conference held at Battery Park, New York, that any attempt at time-travel into the past would be a degenerate act perpetuated by vile anti-Semites.

“We at the ADL will not stand idly by and watch degenerate scientists with a personal agenda muck about in Time, thru their vile anti-Semitic attempts to re-visit past history,” stated Mr. Foxman, standing on a stage with famed Holocaust survivor Elie Weasel.

The ADL head also said they were sending their formidable army of lobbyists to Washington, D.C. to swarm over the U.S. Congress with various forms of persuasion to get the Congress to cut off any and all funding into time travel research.

“The past is just that, the past, and it has been enshrined into history thru over 150 Holocaust memorials throughout the USA and countless more in Europe” said Foxman, “We stand by that history, hallowed by time and consecrated by laws that makes any doubting of the official version of the Holocaust open to legal liabilities, including arrest, trials, heavy fines and imprisonment.”

When asked by several reporters why he was fearful of scientists actually visiting the past, Foxman muttered something and left the podium. Mr. Weasel who was crying and sobbing uncontrollably, had to be carried off the stage.
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  1. NPP says:

    Work this one out? They are nuts.

    Have you posted this? Anyway…
    Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land:

    Entertaining NEWSNIGHT – Paxman vs Brand. Full Interview:

    The Complete History of the Freemasonry and the Creation of the New World Order:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Tap

    This is desperation gone barking mad. Perhaps the next (and hopefully final) stage of this breakdown will be when these people run screaming down the street, begging for help.

    Time travel is a very real phenomenon. Check out the work of Al Bielek (of Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk fame) and Andrew Basiago, if you’re not already aware of these guys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gene Rodenderry the US originator of the str trek series, was breifed during the series on just how far scieentists had got with time travel experiments.
    Some of this he incorporated into the series, the jews do not want people going back and looking at what they call the holocaust, because as many jews are now admitting, it was fake.
    But to say time travellers are antisemitic, is a scrazy as those jews who say banning child sex is anti semitic
    PS the jews are not semitic people anyway they are Khazars.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wondered why Jews kept saying reporting on child abuse was anti semitic, I w stold the airbrushing out of the boys abused by Jimmy savile was pressure from the jewish AIPAC group

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are having another laugh at us, Mr Foxman and Mr Weasel.
    Pull the other one.

  6. salty says:

    Einstein Proven Right: Scientists Discover Gravitational Waves, Could ‘Pave Way to Time Travel’

    FEBRUARY 11, 2016.

    A new era for scientific discovery has begun.
    Watch a video of this report here:

    Scientists at Washington’s National Science Foundation have confirmed the discovery of Albert Einstein’s theorized gravitational waves.

    It could possibly be the biggest finding in physics in a century, and the key to a new understanding of the universe.

    LIGO laboratory executive director David Reitze announced in Washington:
    “Ladies and gentlemen! We have detected gravitational waves, we did it!,”

    “These gravitational waves were produced by two colliding black holes, that came together, merged and formed a single black hole about 1.3 billion years ago,”

    According to Einstein’s theory, published in 1916, the universe is made up of a “fabric of spacetime“:

    massive accelerating objects in the universe are believed to bend this fabric, causing ripples known as gravitational waves.

    The ability to analyze the information carried on gravitational waves could potentially provide more insight into the Big Bang and other violent events in the history of the Universe, help to ex

  7. Men Scryfa says:

    Greg Bacon at Care and Washing of the Brain is the only person to have dared suggest that Carol Valentine (of Come & Hear fame, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum,and Blog of Blogs) is Not sufficiently Anti-Semitic!!!

    Whatever ‘anti-semitic’ means anyway?

    Gotta love the internet. No surprise the internet is not popular with World Jewry, check out how 10 years ago before they realized what was happening they were encouraging people to go onto the internet and were giving out website addresses like confetti whether it was in the newspapers or on the radio or on TV. The BBC even ran programmes encouraging people to go onto the internet and giving tips on which sites were useful for different interests etc

    Well fast forward to about 2010 and that all stopped. They realized the Internet was the enemy. From then on there was no more promotion of the internet in general via any of the Jewish Money Power’s media outlets. No casual references and no giving out of urls, unless it was to direct their readers to one of their own commercial websites of course or to send them to F*ckbook or someother inhouse operation.

    Well they cannot be that clever if they did not see it coming and they clearly did not. Wake up people AND THEN WAKE UP YOUR OWN PEOPLE. NOW!

  8. Men Scryfa says:

    World Jewry took down Google Video when it realized that it was like a bonanza for truth seekers.

    They hit Ebay when they realized it was making the common man rich and gutted it while overruning it with low quality junk products.

    They have been repeatedly trying desperately to bring Youtube under control. You have got to love Youtube, totally Jew owned and run but yet it has been the one greatest tool of the Truth Movement waking up millions and millions of people globally!

    Countless other examples too many to mention. The NWO is still looking alright on the surface but you look under the bonnet and it is in complete disarray.

    Even if they kill the population what comes afterward is not going to be viable, even a kid can see this.

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