10/25/2013 — 7.2M earthquake directly underneath Typhoon Lekima + Tropical Storm Francisco


Microwave Background imagery from CIMSS / SSEC of the West Pacific.
.gif animation (click to view full size):
Screenshot mashup of the two storms near the time of the Earthquake along with their location during the event:
On October 25, 2013 at 1710UTC, a 7.2M earthquake struck off the eastern shores of Japan.  Ironically, at the same time as the earthquake, in the same direct area, Tropical Storm Francisco (formerly Typhoon Francisco), and Typhoon Lekima both intersected in the same area as the 7.2M earthquake AT THE SAME TIME .
Several viewers might recall this from a few days ago, Typhoon Lekima was the storm created by a very large microwave pulse on October 18th, 2013.
See the original microwave pulse which formed Typhoon Lekima here:
In a very strange turn of events, today, after the 7.2M earthquake, BOTH named storms WERE REMOVED FROM THE MAPS!  Tropical Storm Francisco (even though its off the east coast of Japan) was downgraded, and Typhoon Lekima, which was a Category 3 Typhoon last night, was magically downgraded and wiped off the map as well.
However, you can clearly see in the .gif animation at the start of this post,both storms still exist, rotation still exists, high winds, and heavy precipitation still exists. So why downgrade and wipe the storms in such a rushed manner?
The answer is obvious.  “They” do not want people to put 2+2 together on this.
Here is the info for Typhoon Lekima as of late October 23rd, going into October 24th… just one day ago.
Tropical storm and Typhoon information here:
and here:
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