10/11/2013 — Super Cyclone Phailin — 189mph (304kph) max wind gusts! Heading towards India

The already large Indian Ocean Cyclone (named Phailin) has now been upgraded to a SUPER-Cyclone.
Super Cyclone Phailin’ heading west towards India.
This cyclone has sustained winds currently at 155mph (250kph) , gusts up to 189mph (304kph) !

This is absolutely a huge storm. Lets hope it loses energy before landfall.

Current feed from NOAA / METSAT here:
Over the last day, a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal has explosively strengthened as it marches towards the east coast of India, presenting a clear and present danger to the country of over a billion people.
In the last 18 hours, Phailin’s peak winds have increased an astonishing 80 mph (or 70 knots), a rare rate of intensification.
“Based on satellite estimates, maximum sustained winds are now easily around 160 mph (140 knots),” says Ryan Maue, a meteorologist at WeatherBell.com, a private forecasting services company.
Those wind speeds would make Phailin the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, capable of catastrophic damage.
Phailin is not only intense, but also large.
“It’s equivalent to Katrina in size,” Maue says. “
Unfortunately, this current Super Cyclone is NOT the only event going on in Asia.  There are two more very large cyclones brewing in the West Pacific.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Elite own the weather and the wind.
    Noticed over Doncaster there were no chemtrails for the last couple of days.
    Then all of a sudden we have high winds.
    There has to be a link.

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