Your dumbed down dentist is a danger to your health

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If only people knew what was going on in their mouth they would be more reluctant in allowing the dentist to do what he wanted and not what was best for the patient. Time to get rid of amalgams I guess.

What A Dentist Sees On the Back of a Package of New Amalgam

A kind gentleman from Florida sent us a picture of what a dentists sees on the back of a new package of amalgam.

This should be very thought provoking for everyone.

Please visit our Mercury/Amalgam Forum for more information and videos.

Amalgam Package, Back Side, Processed.jpg
The Smoking Tooth Video
Did you know that mercury vapour off gasses from amalgam (“silver”) dental fillings?
This amazing video demonstrates mercury vapour coming off an actual tooth with an amalgam (“silver”) dental filling in it.
This famous video has demonstrated to millions what the dental profession and the American Dental Assocation (ADA) has denied for decades.
Please consider sending a link to this video to everyone you know, and your dentist too! See above for a short convenient link to this page.
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TAP – Add to this the promotion of fluoride by dentists and they have to be seen as a primary agents of the depopulation agenda.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    guess who owns all the mercury mines ?
    rothschild, guess who owns all the diamond mines ?
    guess who owns all the gold mines ?
    almost all exclusively rothschilds
    average age that miners live to in Africa is 36 years of age

  2. Ouay91 says:

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