Why did Tom Hanks lie about 911?

While everyone’s attention is on the planes & the wreckage, I think the actual proof is in the photos & bios of the passengers – as documented in the September Clues “Vicsim” site & mentioned in a footnote of this article. As a geneologist who has been studying birth/death/marriage/obit records for 30 years, I know what real records look like. 

I’ve found discrepancies in every passenger that I researched on Flight 175. I don’t believe there was anyone on that flight. And due to the lack of bodies and personal artifacts turning up in the rubble of the Towers, I have a strong suspicion that they were closed & most likely empty due to upcoming demolition for asbestos. And while the article mentioned the September Clues site, you might also check out their sister site, Clues forum. They expose the lies behind the 9-11 “boatlift” video narrated by Tom Hanks. It is a stunning piece of propaganda. I can only wonder why Tom Hanks would participate in such a scam. 


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