Wendi Deng espionage role

Palmer, best known for building a replica of the Titanic, is running for election in Australia

In a separate interview with the Nine Network, Palmer made extraordinary claims about Murdoch’s estranged wife Wendi Deng.

“‘You know, Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng is a Chinese spy, and that’s been right across the world,” Palmer alleged, prompting the stunned host to ask whether he had “lost the plot”.

“She’s been spying on Rupert for years, giving money back to Chinese intelligence. She was trained in southern China. I’m telling you the truth,” Palmer said.
“Wendi Deng is a Chinese spy and that’s why Rupert got rid of her.”
He continued: “And this guy [Murdoch] wants to control Australian politics. He wants to control what you think.”
TAP – other rumours place her as a relative of Deng Xiaoping, who was trained in the West, and advanced the agenda of one world government.  Wendi Deng is more likely an agent of one world government than of China alone, unless she acted as a double agent, looking after China’s interests against the Murdoch/Bush cabal.  Let’s hope.
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    Wendi Deng, Tony Blair, And Rupert Murdoch: Did She Cheat With British PM?



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