Was German election rigged?

Was the GERMAN ELECTION RIGGED? War der deutsche Wahl manipuliert? Many people are shocked to see the horrid Merkel gain another term in office. The nasty ‘A’ word was muttered by her during the first few seconds of being re-elected – she is very obviously being shoe-horned back into power for one reason and one reason only: to savagely brow-beat the Middle Classes of Europe and use AUSTERITY LAWS to create an economy of fluroride-drugged peasants, ruled over by a criminal class of ‘Princes’.

Many activists and democracy movements are utterly shocked that this woman is back in power. Although the penalties for getting caught RIGGING A VOTE may be severe, the rewards for succeeding are likely to be worth the risk. The rewards range from benefits in privatisation-contracting to total control of a country…

In Germany there are currently calls for reform of the laws governing and prohibiting and investigating ELECTORAL RIGGING because German lawsuits can be and are usually prolonged by the newly elected Bundestag… Now, ask yourself WHY? Why would the court cases against corrupt VOTE RIGGING be delayed as they usually are in Germany?

The answer reveals the horrible truth that the modern German people are being ruled by a bunch of war mongers just the same as they were 75 years ago.

War der deutsche Wahl manipuliert? Viele Menschen sind schockiert zu sehen, die schreckliche Merkel Verstärkung weitere Amtszeit. Der böse ‘A’ Wort wurde von ihrem murmelte während der ersten paar Sekunden nach dem wiedergewählt – sie ist sehr offensichtlich ist quetschten wieder an die Macht aus einem Grund und nur aus einem Grund: um brutal Stirn-schlagen das Bürgertum Europas und verwenden Strenge Gesetze eine Ökonomie der betäubte fluroride-Bauern zu schaffen, regiert von einer kriminellen Klasse von ‘Princes’.

Viele Aktivisten und Demokratie Bewegungen sind völlig schockiert, dass diese Frau wieder an der Macht ist. Obwohl die Strafen für erwischt RIGGING Das Stimmrecht kann schwerwiegend sein, sind die Belohnungen für den Erfolg dürfte das Risiko wert sein. Die Belohnungen reichen von Leistungen bei der Privatisierung-Contracting die totale Kontrolle über ein Land …

In Deutschland gibt es derzeit Forderungen nach einer Reform der Gesetze und das Verbot und die Untersuchung ELECTORAL RIGGING weil die deutschen Klagen können und werden in der Regel durch den neu gewählten Bundestag verlängert … Nun fragen Sie sich, WARUM? Warum würden die Gerichtsverfahren gegen korrupte Wahlfälschung verzögert, wie sie in der Regel in Deutschland werden?

Die Antwort zeigt die schreckliche Wahrheit, dass die moderne deutsche Menschen werden durch ein Bündel von Krieg ausgeschlossen mongers genau das gleiche, wie sie vor 75 Jahren waren.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hitler was no warmonger in order to force germany into war the jewish finaciers had to organise a treaty protecting poland by britian and france and then set poland on a killing spree of german nationals, how many knew that ?
    how many know the real history and that hitler asked no fewer than 80 times to stop the war, this is why he sent his number two rudolf hess to england to make peace and this is why we locked him up and killed him so he could not tell the truth

  2. same as any other so called democracy, welcome to the prison planet called earth, we are told we are free but we are only free to do what they tell us we are free to do, and some even think that because there family did good at one time that they are somehow genetically superior, oh and don’t forget that we are all equal, if that were true then why do we not get paid the same, equality means we are all the same but we know different.
    War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is strength

    You are free but only to do what they say you can.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont think that the German election was rigged.
    Merkel is not elected as chancellor yet. That is up to the parliament. But it will be most likely Merkel.
    We, the German people, have many parties to choose from.
    And many older Germans still elect the same party again and again without knowing the politics of it, thus CDU (the party of Merkel) got most of the vots. It is not the only reason but one if them.
    Too bad!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just read that in few cases there really are some votes that have not been counted. In one case (Hamburg) even 100.000 votes missing.
    So I stand corrected. German election was most probably rigged (intentionally).

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