War criminal on the run spotted lying low in St Tropez

LAST SATURDAY: WAR CRIMINAL PHOTOGRAPHED WALKING THE STREETS OF St. TROPEZ: This man caused the horrible & needless deaths of thousands of people and misled parliament in a series of outrageous LIES. A Barrister by trade, he is a man who has served the ROYAL EMPIRE OF LIES well. He is a trained liar – he goes under his criminal name TONY BLIAR…

Tony Blair has been having a high old time handshaking with various business tycoons and promoting the idea of INVADING IRAN and BLOWING SYRIAN PEOPLE TO SMITHEREENS… This deeply sick former Prime Minister is now ‘Special Envoy’ for the Middle East and is, presumably, one of the high-ranking government officials who knew that British-manufactured FLUORIDE POISON was shipped to SYRIA…

BLIAR was flown to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in a private jet last Thursday. He lives like a billionaire – and yet his OFFICIAL SALARY does not allow him to have such a luxury lifestyle… He earns his money nowadays SELLING HIS CONTACTS IN WESTMINSTER…

He was whisked to the enormous super-yacht of an American billionaire before visiting two other super-yachts in what was evidently a hectic round of partying and glad-handing. Enjoying the hospitality of the super-rich is nothing new for Mr Blair. When he was Prime Minister, and several tens of millions of pounds poorer than he is today, he habitually holidayed with his family in the villas of multi-millionaires.

Surprise, surprise, BLIAR is strongly in favour of taking action and bombing SYRIA and IRAN – he has played his role as a glove puppet politician to the royals very well – presently on the run – hopefully he will not be free for much longer. EMPIRE OF EVIL is a new 100+ page digital book charting the history of the global network of secret societies and glove puppet politicians which engineer wars so that they can make millions out of the carnage and suffering of children and the world’s poorest countries… Families who have had their children blown to pieces on the orders of this man, former Iraq veterans and the families of weapons experts who were murdered for revealing that THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION will hopefully have their day in the court of human rights and this WAR CRIMINAL will have his holidays behind bars in the future. Read More here:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    just three words fabulous, fabulous and fabulous. this slimy jew will be the first of many to stand trial for what he did, i understand that the homosexual wing at brixton prison are looking forward to giving tony a real welcome, after all he promoted homosexuality across the board, and soon he can experience it first hand

  2. Anonymous says:

    Blair’s middle names are Charles and Lynton. … ‘He was caught importuning in a Westminster toilet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is He quare then ??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quare as nine-bob note!

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