Three days of darkness in November. Manufactured terror threats have a nasty habit of turning real.

By John Kaminski
U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) hints that the biggest city in his own state might be blown up by a nuclear bomb unless the war crazy government of which he is a rabid and duplicitous cheerleader is allowed to bomb the war-torn nation of Syria  because of a chemical weapons atrocity the U.S. itself has engineered using mercenaries it hired for the job. Simultaneously in South Carolina, a nuclear weapon goes missing from America’s military network, and then a report adds that off the coast another nuclear bomb that was lost decades ago and never found might go off at any time.
American citizens across the country have been conditioned to accept the twisted fact that they themselves are potential terrorists as they allow their private parts to be fondled at airports and every detail of their own lives to be scrutinized by electronic eavesdroppers while their savings are stolen and their bodies poisoned by morbid maneuvers that their government flatly refuses to discuss.
Their government purchases millions of rounds of hollow point bullets — used only for maximum damage to living tissue — as well as all manner of exotic weapons, which are distributed to local police departments in violation of Constitutional law, all to fight this terror threat gone viral that is enthusiastically promoted by out-of-control media hysterics who never furnish anything of real value to their listeners, and rigorously avoid discussing the real threats to their lives.
As their food supply is turned to poison by genetic engineering, the prices for it skyrocket while the currency is dangerously inflated, reducing the value of everything they own to practically nothing. As their possessions are stolen and their homes repossessed, they autistically fiddle with their electronic devices, even as the information they use to guide their lives is whittled down to manipulative programming by the evil Jewish geniuses who run Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the New York Stock Exchange.
Their president, a man with no public history who spends millions on vacations while the citizens he is supposed to protect are overwhelmed by a tidal wave of immigrants who are bathed in benefits ordinary taxpayers do not receive, abruptly declares that he may assassinate anyone he selects, without having to explain why, thereby vaporizing the Constitutional safeguards everyone thought guaranteed their safety. Meanwhile, journalists and whistleblowers are being murdered, imprisoned or exiled in record numbers, and their elected officials cower in cowardly obedience to a foreign leader of an outlaw state who controls their campaign funds.
Through nuclear plants that are rigged to fail in an environment sorely degraded by the Fukushima disaster, and air that gets harder to breathe every day because of those skinny poison clouds now dominating the skylines of the world, their life expectancy plummets as their wheezes accelerate, while the Arctic tundra bursts into methane flames, and sea creatures, for the past several decades, have been beaching themselves because of the unendurable horror their environment has become. 
How the American government can claim to be so concerned with the safety of its citizens and yet practice such sociopathic behavior against them, of course, is the ruse that has led the USA, throughout the 20th century, down this garden path to destruction. The government says, this is for your own good. And of course it isn’t. It is the treating of people as commodities, and then discarding them when they are of nor further use to the pathologues running things.
By now you doubtless already know that the USA is attacking itself, not to mention every other country in the world — except Israel, by whom it is run. 
But the coup de grace — the kill shot — might be delivered, depending on your source, on either Oct. 1 (Rev. Michelle Hopkins) or Nov. 13 (the government), when the latest, newest and most dangerous government “drill” is schedule to “go live”, which contains the possibility that a record number of innocents could possibly “go dead”. (See links below.)
Granted, this could merely be another chapter of the Y2K saga, when hysteria ran rampant anticipating a predicted catastrophe that never happened. But judging by the last few “drills” — Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon “drill” — the odds of ugly developments happening to the detriment of millions seem fairly high.
After all, 9/11/2001 was originally a drill for which FEMA crews were in place the night before. Even Israel sent a team of “observers” to that tragic drill that went live.
An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.
Of course, the government spinmasters insist the power won’t really be cut off. It’s just a “drill”, a simulated disaster. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists have gone ballistic with their dire predictions.
Consider over time who has been the more accurate — the government shills or the conspiracy theorists? Were there ever any dead bodies produced at Aurora, Sandy Hook or in Boston? Why was there so much talk of “crisis actors” as well as official practice sessions for a “zombie apocalypse”?
In a beleaguered country that is about to have its economy smashed to smithereens, in a world where environmental degradation the government will not discuss promises to boil everyone alive in a matter of decades, and in a political situation where everyone’s money has already been stolen by the people who control the banks, why do people still believe what their government says?
Are they in some kind of trance that doesn’t allow them to see what is taking place before their eyes?
Then, authoritative sounding people tell you not to worry, to remain calm, because nothing has really changed, that this is the way the relationship between those who have commandeered power and those whom they have power over has always been, ever since the time of the Magna Carta. The power mad will take what they can until they are stopped in their tracks by the people.
In any case, the Grid-Ex 2 Power Grid Down drill scheduled for Nov. 13-14, 2013 is merely the latest installment of the ages-old contest between terror and enlightenment, in an era when we have been conditioned to believe that terrorists lurk in every neighborhood and vampires are real, which will make it a lot of easier to shoot your neighbors when the right buttons are pushed and the lights go out.
If the conspiracy theorists are correct, this will be a false flag nightmare during which millions will die, followed by an incalculable period of unending warfare and indescribable agony. Yet a faint hope lingers that this is the moment of truth when the besieged remnant of the hopeful and truthful would rally to put the criminals out of business. Fat chance.
Like vulcanologists watching seismographs anticipating imminent disasters, we watch our world seemingly coming apart at the seams, and wonder how our lovely lives could have descended so quickly into this depressing abyss, when our future seems to depend on buying gold and storing nonperishable foodstuffs for the day when the lights go out and the supply lines are cut off.
The Catholics have a theological tradition called “the three days of darkness” in which the apocalypse arrives and deprives us of all light, during which we are supposed to pray for our salvation until the new world arrives and we are saved, if not killed. What was once an obscure paranoid religious fantasy is now a virtual geopolitical certainty as the machinations of government and the laws of science are now poised to thrust people into darkness and assist in their timely departures.
The mysterious Jim Stone, an insider gone rogue, wrote about the dangers of tinkering with the power grid with great trepidation. Once you turn it off, it won’t easily come back on.
This would provide a perfect opportunity for culling the population, in keeping with all these other false flag catastrophes that start out as drills and wind up as mysteries like Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon, where you can’t ever really find out if anybody really died; the only thing you can be sure of is the patsy they blamed for the crimes didn’t do it.
When the lights go out, the elderly will be hurt worst. The systems they rely upon to survive simply won’t work, and within a week millions will die.
No power means no Internet, no radio or TV, no light no heat, no way to call for help. Do you trust your neighbor? Do you even know him? Will you attempt to work together, or just shoot it out? What do you think the answer to that question will be in Detroit? Or a thousand other American cities where crime in the darkness is a way of life.
No power means no work, no work means no money, no money means no food, no food means death. How long will your food last when you can’t cook it? Where will you run to for help when the gas pumps don’t work because there is no electricity?
Three days of darkness could easily turn into an infinity of chaos, annihilation and mayhem. What is to stop the controllers of the drill from restoring power to some areas so their businesses can operate, but leaving it out in other regions until a sufficient number of undesirables are liquidated?
But of course, this is all mere speculation, mere conspiracy theory hysteria. After all, they wouldn’t poison the entire Gulf of Mexico, they wouldn’t blow up Fukushima and irradiate the whole world, they wouldn’t slaughter millions of people in phony wars they fabricated themselves, they wouldn’t kill 3,000 of their own people in their biggest city so they could go play cowboys and indians with half the population of the world. These are just conspiracy theories, uttered by paranoid loonies.
They wouldn’t do any of these things, would they?
You can watch TV and try to see what’s really real. Jews own all the TV networks. You can seek out info in a magazine or newspapers. They’re all owned by Jews. You can search for answers on the Internet, which was designed and is controlled by Jews. You can ask the advice of your doctor, your lawyer, your teacher, your preacher, or even your president or your senator — they’re all trained and controlled by Jews.
Three days of darkness. Drills never turn real, do they?
Rev. Michelle Hopkins
Jim Stone
Three Days of Darkness
Capitol quiet as government shutdown nears
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2 Responses to “Three days of darkness in November. Manufactured terror threats have a nasty habit of turning real.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the Bible was right when it said darkness would descend on the earth, along with global dimming caused by the chemtrailing it seems that prophecy has come true.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Three days of Darkness is total R.C.propaganda.

    Capitol quiet – Who would trust Reuters.

    Sure would not believe anything they say.

    Anon at 1.51 the prophesy is at the 4th Trumpet in Revelation.

    The first 6 trumpets are without question :

    1. The advent of Aerial Warfare,
    2. The Atomic Bomb.
    3. Chernobyl and for confirmation
    the reason the word “star” is
    uses is because a star is a
    nuclear reactor.
    4. Chemtrails.
    5. Kuwait war.
    6. Iraq and Syria and 200m troops:
    WW3 1/3 mankind destroyed.

    Check Ken Raggio, he gets most of it right but he reads too much into it:


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