There’s no such thing as a good war, WW2 included

Over 60 million people, more than half civilians, which of course included millions of children, were killed during WW II. Many millions more were injured with millions bearing the scars and disabilities for life.

Former WW II bombardier-turned-historian Howard Zinn asks the question “Why?”

Was there another way short of Total War? (which after all is just a euphemism for “kill civilians when needed.”)

That was the bottom line fact of World War II: All sides targeted civilians. What as so “good” about that?

But whenever the punks in Washington want to bomb another country, they dust off memories of the “Good War” and the need to defeat the “next Hitler” and avoid “appeasement” at all costs.

It’s a not-so-subtle psychological trick and, so far, it’s worked every time.

Maybe it’s time we wised up.

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TAP – This speaker is anti-war and makes good points.  He doesn’t seem to realise that the events that create war are all manufactured deliberately.  WW2 was manufactured theatre.  There are many links on The Tap explaining how the events that took place were false events, manipulated by a higher cabal working behind the scenes, financing and controlling all the nations involved in the theatre they planned and executed.  He’s worth a listen as he tells how the mind can be tricked into doing terrible things, and how you can stop the process by being more aware as to what is going on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have noticed before the elections in the UK, there is always another showing of ” All our Yesterdays ” showing WW2 on TV.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Total war was devised by churchills jewish backers who wanted germany back after hitler declared germany free of the parasitic jewbankers, the reason britian and the USA took on germany was because of bankers pressure, no other reason

  3. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, for Jewish Bankers:
    Read SMOMS Mainly Jewish Catholics.

    Extracted From Vatican Wars I Have Quoted You on Many Occasions.

    Why Dont More People Know About This Stuff.

    It is to be a “Crusade in Europe” as Eisenhower called it. If any generals do not cooperate they will be relieved of command or murdered. To insure a prolonged European war the Jesuits will order Hitler not to destroy the British at Dunkirk. To give the Nazis ball-bearing plants the Jesuits will order pro Sinn Fein Churchill, given charge of the Admiralty, not to intervene timely when Norway is invaded. Having purged the Red army of its best Generals, officers and intelligence analysts from 1937 to 1940, including seventy-five of the eighty members of the “Military Soviet,” forty thousand officers, including nearly all the Jewish officers (indicating that the Jews did not rule Russia), half of the brigade commanders and over 400 of 456 staff colonels, the Jesuits’ Joseph Stalin will insure before the war begins that the “heretic” Orthodox Russians will retreat with twenty million being slaughtered during the largest continuous land war in the history of the world — the Nazi/SS Crusade of “Operation Barbarossa” (named after the famous German Emperor of Rome’s Third Crusade). In addition to providing thousands of tons of grain and petroleum to Hitler’s three million invaders, Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian people will also guarantee the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews by the Jesuits’ four SS Einsatzgruppen. Indeed, Stalin and Hitler worked together both having Concordats with the Pope! To keep the Order’s Communist Russia from falling, the Jesuits will not allow Hitler’s Generals to easily capture Moscow, “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.” To insure a successful western advance by Stalin’s Red Army, the German High Command will limit the shipment of arms to the retreating German Army. In “retaliation” for the Jesuits’ assassination of Heydrich (“the Blond Homosexual Beast” and “Butcher of Prague”) using Stephenson’s Secret Service, the Jesuits’ SS will murder the entire male population of the Protestant city of Lidice. (The Order controlled both sides.) The Jesuits’ Croatian Ustashi will carry out an open inquisition in Yugoslavia led by Ante Pavelic, murdering one million “heretic” Orthodox Serbians.


  4. Anonymous says:

    did you know wealthy jews contribute to a fund to persecute and hound german soldiers from
    W W II ? they are called natzi hunters and what i would like to see is after the coming W W 3
    people hunting down these racist jews who caused the war in the same way they hunt down german soldiers, this we need to do

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wasp is entitled to an opinion just like the idiots trying to tell him to shut up.

    I’m neutral on this, and that’s why I double-check his research/opinions with other sources.

    He’s pretty much accurate. It’s just a shame other people don’t spend a bit of time learning how the world really works rather than letting some BS newspaper or TV programme force-feed them.

    If people want to disrupt the flow of knowledge on here then try The Sun forum or maybe the David Icke forum… you’ll find plenty of idiots on both those forums.


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