The satanic cabal within the Catholic Church


I had earlier pointed out the obelisk, which you see again in the middle of the Vatican plaza (photo below). Notice also the “crossed out cross” symbolism right on the plaza itself. The floor designs inside the basilica also include this “flaming star” / “crossed out cross” symbolism. By the way, the flag of Great Britain (also shown below) has the identical symbolism.

Then there is this innovative “all-seeing eye” rotunda that also shows up at the Capitol building in Washington DC, as well as many other government buildings. And the all-seeing eye at the Vatican has a intriguingly similar juxtaposition to the obelisk, as compared to the Washington DC set-up.


Notice that the entire Vatican is in the shape of a key (among many other symbols that are incorporated into this apparent ‘key’ design). The Vatican and the Catholic historians (at least the ones I could find) are not very forthcoming about this “key” shaped architectural design. I’m assuming that, if pressed, the ‘cover story’ would be that this represents Saint Peter’s “key”.

However, “key” symbolism is huge with the Masons…and they, in turn, get all their symbolism from the Kabbalah culture. In light of other unmistakable Kabbalah and occult symbolism at the Vatican, the Saint Peter ‘cover story’ is highly suspect.

In fact, (as I had said) we’re looking right at other occult symbolism in this very photo: The “all-seeing eye” rotunda, and the satanic/ phallic obelisk in the center of the plaza. Therefore, any claim that this represents the key of Saint Peter…would be quite dubious.

Possibly, this key is a portrayal of “Solomon’s Key”, another prominent Kabbalic/Masonic concept. In the occult world, “key” symbolism can have phallic significance.

The Vatican frequently arranges to have the cross portrayed upside down (see below).

Again, the “cover story” probably has to do with the traditional idea of Peter having been crucified upside down.

But the upside down cross symbolism is also popular with Satanists. Occultists love using the ‘dual significance’ strategy in displaying all their symbols: Give the ‘sheeple’ a popularized definition to go on…and the real meaning is then supposedly only known to occultic insiders.

By the way, I don’t necessarily intend to portray Pope John Paul II (seen in the above photo) as a ‘bad guy’ here. Many times it is unclear, who has been part of the criminal occult element inside the Vatican. I have had the general impression, Pope John Paul II was not a part of that. And his predecessor, Pope John Paul I, took a heroic stand against the satanic cabal within the Catholic church…somethingwhich cost him his life.

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