The Jews. Get the picture?

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To Anon at 2:12..
Please re-read my comments. I merely asked questions. I never mentioned Israel at all or the “whole Jewish race” and neither did i express condemnation..What i was really trying to expose is the disproportionate numbers of Jews installed at the highest levels of government and/or establishment in many nations (especially UK/USA) and interestingly enough many of those same Jews have dual nationality while holding positions of great influence and power? The question remains….to whom do they owe their loyalty? 

However, as you brought the point to the fore, i struggle to understand why the nation of Israel, 1. can routinely subjugate a whole nation of palestinians without any international “punishments’ and 2. Why it has the freedom to attack said nation and any others at any time with complete impunity? and 3. How do they get to use chemical weapons on civilians as they used white Phosporous in operation “cast Lead’, again with impunity? Why does this tiny nation feel the need to wield such global influence and why Israeli companies controlled the security for both the twin towers and the london transport system at the time of the disasters when there are multiple & perfectly capable “home-grown” companies out there?. 

Lucky Larry Silverstein bought the lease on the twin towers for a bargain basement price then insured them against terrorist attack only months before 9/11. He subsequently pocketed 4.5$ billion afterwards. Strange how he ALWAYS breakfasted with his family in the “window on the world” restaurant on floors 106/7 North Tower. Asked later why they did not appear THAT morning, he said he had a dental appointment and i wonder if that was ever verified. His family didn’t go either so maybe they were all “sick” or had other appointments??

The people who engineered the sale to Larry were both Jews? Oh and Michael Chertoff was in the mix also….the very same guy who produced the blueprint for DHS within 30 days of 9/11 and went on to reap billions from the sale to his “own” dept of DHS from the new body scanners which he owned! With all the false flag crap going down these days i just don’t accept those kind of coincidences anymore. I cold go on and on and on but i’m sure like most of the rest of us….you get the picture.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a fabulous article.
    A high level intel man once said,
    ” only homosexuals freemasons and jews promote each other, but if a man is all 3 which many are there is no hope for outsiders “
    Just look at how rotten the BBC is, and rupert murdochs newspapers , before him there was robert maxwell and before him william randolf hearst, all jews and all promoting each other.
    When you have the financial clout of the rothschilds and their subsidaries, you can appoint who the hell you like to head what tentacle of the octopuss, but remember the head at the centre is still the same, that why you can voyr democrat or republican, tory new labout or lib dem, and still get the same stinking trash.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lucky Larry Silverstein wouldn’t be so lucky on the end of a rope.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They may be Jews but you are wrong to tar the whole jewish race with the same brush. There are many non-jews fucking the world up but you call those out by their name not their race. For example David Cameron and Tony Blair not the British, or Assad (who is a tyrant) & not the Syrians. I assume that you also deny the hollocaust as well.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Blair and Cameron both had Jewish mothers, so are Jewish. Blair’s father was not Leo as advertised, but Jacob Rothschild. CHurchill was son of Edward 7th, and grandson of QV. She was daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7.48

    Ahh out comes that ‘ol chestnut, now lets all start screaming “deny-er”

    How to close down debate….

    The truth surely needs no defence?, and as Rothchilds lad Bliar once said, “the truth is no defence”….

    The very worthy post asking for an explanation why all positions of power throughout the west are held by “those who cant be mentioned” is very pertinent, what also has to be added is the ammount of those who have deliberately withheld their true identities, which was a very common practice up until quite recently, with indigenous sounding alternatives/variations usually the norm. Now the new jerusalem project is nearing completion they no longer do this as they want the goyim to know who’s boss.

    I also asked this question to WASP-as someone who studied the events leading up to WW2 and since, I needed to know where the Jesuits fitted in- I was in no way defending the Vatican as I see all forms of organised religion as control systems invented and maintained by the wealthy, who usually have throughout history been the lads from izon (no matter what they may have portrayed themselves as).

    For what its worth, accepting that the home of the illuminaty is Germany, I believe that The connection lies in the game of words, Nazi, Askenazi, zionazi. Looking at how the world around us has changed so quickly and how Germany has risen to immense industrial power, if not owning outright most of our councils, police forces, utility companies etc, then having their contractors repairing our infrastructure- I have come to the only logical conclusion that Germany and zionism were and still are allies, and that those who did die in the internment camps certainly werent Ashkenazi pseudo Jews but those who were ethnically of Semite and other origins. What we are witnessing is a zionazi takeover, indeed the western world has fallen under the same totalitarianism that was prevalent during the wartime years, we even have the modern day Hitler Youth on our streets, 24hr militarisation (schools being run by the military industrial complex and ex soldiers?), and a militaristic slant to most things in the media, the building up of “heroes”..didnt the Nazis have some great posters extolling fighting for the Reich?

    The EU was the endgame when they knew the war was failing, which is what they planned for anyway, and the US got Operation paperclip to start the ball rolling there.

    But make no mistake, the 1000yr Reich is the New Jerusalem, they were never enemies in the first place, just some careful smoke and mirrors. Where the Jesuits come into this I dont know, but in all honestly, thickoid though I might be in the eyes of Wasp, I just cant see the chicken before the egg.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7:48, in times gone by, when things were simpler.
    108 Countries decided to kick the Jews out.
    This was before Jews were a race and religion at the same time.
    Very clever people are Jews, remove the right to criticise then invent the Holocaust.
    Even to corrupt the word, which means to die by fire.

  7. Anonymous says:

    some jews are now admitting the holocaust as claimed did not happen, experts have proved it was fake just like the ann frank diaries.
    the moshe solomons show has hada succession of quite high profile jews who are talking openly about how and why these frauds happened
    and the success of them

  8. A10Sean says:

    Doesnt Holocaust mean ‘ Burnt offering ‘ ?


  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree that it is wrong to paint an entire group of people just because one there are an inordinate number of them always around the crime scene. Jews are 10 and 12% of the senate and congress, 2% of the population, and 0.5% of the military, whose blood will be used to grease their wheels….no, this is not anti-semmitism, just facts. Why is there no outrage? If mormons were 10% of Congress, folks would be out of their minds mad. It simply is not consistent with the American experience of inclusion and diversity…..and who runs those groups or files the lawsuits!
    And yet, these same people, Feinstein and co, are all too eager to rip up the Constitution and the bill of rights… guns, no freedom of speech (only journalists that receive salaries – gosh who pays that salary….
    and any logical argument is trashed with a simple accusation: anti-semite!
    The jews have become the Nazi’s, creating new laws to punish to make wrong right, and persecuting everyone else.

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