The limitless web of deception

By John Kaminski
It’s like Americans have no memory, no minds to remember the lies they’ve been told throughout their lives. So now they’re hearing them again, for the hundredth time, and thinking, “Hmm, where have I heard that story before? It sounds vaguely familiar.” 
But as in all those times before, they still don’t know what to do about them. Even after all the cynical repetitions, Americans still don’t know what to do about the lies they are told and the orders they are given to kill other people, faraway people they don’t even know, all for reasons that they know are lies, but they kill them anyway.
“That leader in a faraway country is killing his own people,” they say, “so we have to go and rescue them.” 
By bombing them! Sound familiar?
For those of us old enough to remember comes the vague memory of the Vietnam corollary. “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” 
No, almost no one remembers that one, even though it has been recycled and used dozens of times since that long ago meaningless war. Each time that lie is used, people say, “That sounds vaguely familiar. Where have I heard that before?” But then they turn away to attend to their more important business.
But it’s even worse this time, even though it’s just another variation on the same well worn theme, the same vaguely familiar lie.
You’d think the guys who have run this country into the ground could come up with some new excuses by now, some new lines to justify the next gory, unforgivable barrage of mass murder they’re about to unleash on yet another innocent nation.
Let’s see. They’ve used “weapons of mass destruction”, “they’re harboring terrorists”, “they’re killing their own people” as their excuse to obliterate innocent country after innocent country, and now, without a second thought, they’re doing the exact same thing again, using exactly the same words.
How can it be that Americans are that stupid, that comatose, that gullible, that fearful about speaking out against insanity so obvious you wouldn’t even try to use it on your own family, because they’d either laugh you out of the room or have you locked up as a certifiable and serial homicidal maniac?
But no, it’s the same old story, the same old tired lies. Commit a crime, then blame it on the guy we committed it against, and call that a good reason to bomb someone.
Righteous politicians spitting out blatant falsehoods pretend to be acting in the best interests of the world, but in reality, are not even acting in the best interests of the people they’re supposed to be representing, supposed to be protecting, because they’re too busy stealing from them, and in our present day case, too busy planning to kill them (us) with an arsenal of murder weapons, some subtle, some not.
Patrol drone snuff outs and genetically modified foods, both designed to tear your insides out and deprive you of your life. That’s how our leaders are protecting us today. Preparing to kill us and put us in FEMA camps because they’ve already stolen all our money, so why should they continue to feed us — we’re useless eaters.
And with a hollow point bullet with our name on it in our immediate future.
We provided the poison gas for the rebels to use on innocent people we hired to destabilize the country whose resources we wanted to steal so we could blame the leader of the people who were poisoned for poisoning his own people.
An endless chorus of bobble head TV idiots all nod up and down agreeing with our fearless doped up faggot communist leader, all in unison, saying, “Yup, we should bomb them, just to teach them a lesson and prove that we are righteous, what we say is just and true, and everyone know we are the good guys.” (Except all those dead people, but they can’t talk anymore.)
“Yup, we have to bomb them, Just like we did to all those other countries. See all the good it did.” That’s what our politicians say. But that’s not what the people say.
That has never been what the people have said. But what the people say has never counted. From World War I up to the present day, the people have never wanted any of these wars, but their voices have never counted. That small cohort of beasts who own the media, manipulate the money and buy their compliant politicians have trumpeted in their headlines “We need to go to war”, and shouted on their talk shows “these people are evil terrorists who need to be stopped”, so we should bomb them to show the world that we are right about everything and they are wrong!”
After all, “they hate our freedoms!”
These insane drecks like Obama and Kerry and all those useless Jewish and Jew-bought commentators, all saying the same thing:
“What would the world think of us if we didn’t prevent this dictator we don’t like from using poison gas on his own citizens?” This, after furnishing the rebels the poison gas to use on the people we are now blaming for using the poison gas.
Sound familiar? Sound like Qaddafi, who created a paradise for his own people in Libya, only to be accused of murdering these same people, only to be raped and murdered in his own streets by the United States of Liars? 
Sound like Saddam Hussein, who created a decent country for his people to live in, only to be hung for his so-called crimes by the American invaders, who killed two million Iraqis to atone for the 400 or so he was accused of killing?
It’s the same story, not even a single new wrinkle, which the Americans blare out at the world, posing as the great moral policeman of the world, correcting the wrongs of tinhorn dictators that their Israeli masters tell them must be corrected.
How many countries is it now? Egypt, in a permanent state of violent destabilization. Yemen, under perpetual siege by U.S. drones. Iraq, twisting in the wind as mercenaries and paid off sectarians stage random bombings that prevent normal life. Afghanistan, where children seem to be the main targets of U.S. drone strikes. “Hey, they’ll grow up to be terrorists,” we’re told. Pakistan, another Muslim nation in a permanent state of destabilization.
All of Africa being pillaged and poisoned for their natural resources. And America, deliberately being turned into an environmental killing field, people being killed from both the inside and out, all because they refuse to remember that they’ve heard all these lines before.
The only Islamic states with any degree of calm are the stooge nations loyal to the U.S.-Israeli war machine: Qatar, the rich sheikdom paying the freight for the criminals it has recruited to destabilize Syria; the Saudis, who are virtual Israelis posing as Arabs, and Israel itself, the architect of this murderous madness, intimidating all its neighbors with bribery, blackmail and murder — the time-tested Jewish political formula — and wielding the greatest military force in world history — the conscienceless zombie monster known as the United States military.
This whole tragic charade in Syria is the playing out of the Israelis long-term strategy, to keep all their neighbors in a perpetual state of distress and disarray, bleeding as much as possible. It is also the Jews’ long-term strategy, to turn every country in the world into ravaged landfills that look like Palestine, where people have no say about their future because the big boys plan on exterminating all of them, so they can play with themselves in a poisoned park of their own perversions.
Obama, who won’t tell us a thing about his own history yet commands a hit squad government and commandeered for himself the right to kill anyone he wants to with no explanation. And Kerry, the fake Irishman whose name is really Kohn, who butchered innocents in Vietnam and then came back home savaged the United States as warmongering killers. And these people are running the government?
Lying about everything. Poisoning their own citizens. And making war on the world.
Now they’re eager to start another one. As their people languish in poverty and sickness, all they care about is spending more money on bombs, bullets and Halliburton reconstruction projects.
Does that sound vaguely familiar to you? Have you heard that story before?
That’s how it is today in the United States of Liars, run not by Americans, but by the same Jewish savages who have plundered the world throughout the 20th century with their nuclear “medicine” and “compassionate concern” for the underlings of the world, whom the Jews have used to undermine and destroy all the industrious nations of the world with false slogans like “strength in diversity” and “religion is the opiate of the masses”.
There is a simple way out of this, but don’t expect the moldering corpse of what used to be the USA to implement it. Instead of nuking Syria and all those other innocent countries, we need to nuke Israel, once and for all, and throw every Jew out of every country in which they falsely pretend to be citizens, because all Jews are first and foremost citizens of the worldwide murder machine known as Israel, and citizens of no other countries in this world. Just ask a Jew; he’ll tell you.
Then the whole world would at least have a shot a peace. But as it stands now, with Jews controlling every country in the world and slyly exterminating their populations through a cornucopia of various methods, we have no chance for peace or sanity at all.
Think that suggestion is too precipitous? Well, think again. Jews have already nuked the whole world, in case you haven’t noticed.
Just listen to the lies Obama and Kerry and all those Jew commentators keep foaming out of their mouths, and ask yourself the question about the recurring nightmare that is soon to be the doom of the world:
“Hey, where have I heard that story before? It sounds vaguely familiar.”
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.
The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

8 Responses to “The limitless web of deception”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The American ‘ Bonus Marches ‘ after WW1 should have given them a clue what the Government thought of the Troops.
    The demobbed Soldiers who were without Jobs or Money marched on Washington.
    The Government brought in the Police then the Army with Tanks, hundreds were killed in the camps.
    We are not even a number, we are Cannon Fodder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like what happened in WW2, Poland was attacked by Germany and Russia. That started the War.
    After the War Poland was forgotten.

  3. Rev. Sean Murphy says:

    Tap,the children of Judah are innocent of the accusations you throw at them. Cain’s children are the perpetrators, God has made it clear as a bell in His Scriptures, and your ignorance about the situation only exacerbate the troubles the “Jews” suffer because of the Kenite’s actions worldwide.
    Do some research before you criminalize an entire group of people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “By their fruits shall ye know them “
    jeus did not warn of the rigteous nor of muslims, but every time he warned of the machinations of the jew,
    many jews even admit it now they feel they have won.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jews are not who they think they are.
    The True Genealogy of the Jewish People.
    Never confuse Jews with Yuhudaites.

    Concerning the American nation forgetting. The American nation is the tribe of Manasseh which means “made to forget” and his brother Ephraim is today Britain. Manasseh blessed by his father Jacob to become the worlds greatest and most powerful nation while Ephraim which means “fruitful bow” was blessed to become a company of nations, in other words a commonwealth of nations. Manasseh (US) though the elder of the boys was placed subordinate to Ephraim (UK)and this is the “special relationship” that you frequently hear about but nobody tells you what it is. America takes it’s orders from the UK not as most think the other way around. Those orders come not from parliament but from the throne which has been usurp by Jews (not Yahudaites)and the American government has been usurp by the same breed. Notice how all presidents, with the exception of one, claim kinship to the UK royal family. Why? Figure it out!
    The world has been deceived into believing that the Jews are the ancients tribe of Judah which is not the case. They are of the Pharisee stock who Christ said it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for these to enter the kingdom of heaven.
    The world is controlled by Jews not by Yahudaites. There’s a world of difference.


  6. Neo says:

    The Vatican and RC Church finally getting its come-uppance?

    Pulling the Vaticans Teeth?

  7. Tapestry says:

    Sean, we publish many points of view on here. I am partly Jewish myself. I wondered maybe you’re partly Irish. thanks for adding your viewpoint. of course I’m ignorant. I’m here to learn.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The true Jews came from Africa.

    The Zionist scum in Israel are soft-killing/’vaccinating’ the real Jewish people trying to return to some sort of homeland:

    ‘Israel’ doesn’t even exist on the old world maps.

    That’s why the Zionist Jews decided to take over whichever country they saw fit: Syria/Iran being next via the Zionist Rothschilds Central banking system.

    No wonder so many Jews/Zionists have been kicked out of so many countries: they refuse to integrate and show *NO* love and peace and yet cause so many wars.

    There are good Jews out there – but do they dare show their faces?

    The time has come to stand up and be counted. 🙂

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