The coming global smart-ID.

Can’t Afford the Biometrically Enhanced iPhone 5? Try EyeVerify!

As previously reported, the new iPhone 5S will come complete with a biometric fingerprint ID feature that will ‘secure’ the phone by requiring the owner to scan his or her fingerprint to unlock the device before using it. Biometrics, it seems, is the trendy new wave of the secure future.

But what if you don’t have the money to afford an iPhone 5s or you like the phone you’ve got? Well, no worries, you can just get EyeVerify.

That’s right, it’s EyeVerify. Using the camera in your smartphone or tablet, EyeVerify takes a picture of your eyeball for “Eyeprint Verification”. Upon successful match of the blood vessels in the whites of your eyes, your phone will unlock and you can rest assured that no one else will be able to gain access to it but you.

This should fit in nicely with a country of tracked, traced, chipped and controlled Sheeple, complete with the NSA’s nationwide big brother surveillance grid, the national DNA database and the coming global smart-ID.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw a parody on YouTube a while ago which is funny yet true.

    It’s going on about some idiot who just wants an iPhone full stop yet the Android is better in many ways.

    I’m not trying to argue which phone is better, my point is the idiots who queue up for days to get the latest iPhone and want it because it’s trendy and fashionable.

    What with Obama wanting to send ‘alerts’ direct to your iPhone and now people freely giving their fingerprints away, iPhone users get more stupid everyday. At the end of the day, a phone is a phone: text and voice calls is all you need and a basic £9 Nokia phone does the job and doesn’t send your fingerprints (and God knows whatever else) direct to the NSA!

    Anyway, the link to the parody is here (contains some swearing):

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