The children were abducted and injected with poison. Arrest Cameron.

Syrian children were injected with poison to kill and then video them to use in the Obama propaganda campaign to attack Syria, according to Voltaire Network this week.
“These are children that were kidnapped two weeks previous, in the beginning of August, in the Latakia region, 200 km away from the Ghouta,” states Thierry Meyssan in his recent report for independent media group Voltaire Network, speaking about graphic videos used to promote Barack Obama’s campaign to overtake Syria.
The children in the widely circulated videos are not what is portrayed and used daily in the United States to rally American support to oust Assad and takeover the crippled fossil fuel resource rich country.
Those videos being used are not of the August 21 massacre, according to Meyssan.
“They were taken while a jihadist attack on pro-Assas alaouit villagers,” he reports. “Most of the families were killed. Some survived. In the improvised cemeteries around Latakia were found over a thousand dead. These children, of whom no one has heard about for two weeks, actually resurfaced on these videos.
“Those of which the families were still alive recognized them, and these families pressed charges for assassination. If we don’t understand what kind of care is given to these children on these videos, it’s simply because they are not being treated.
“They are being injected poison intravenous[ly], and being killed in front of the cameras.”
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