Stop the National Service Bill

UK Government: Stop the National Service Bill 2013-14

Petition by Debbie Sayers
Truro, United Kingdom
Currently there is a Private members Bill presented by Mr Philip Hollobone MP that is passing to its second reading in the house of commons that asks, the government to pass a law to provide a system of national service for young persons.

We the undersigned do not want our children and grandchildren to be forced to undertake mandatory conscription or service in to any system that requires them by law to submit to training or residential activity, that is not optional and carries a criminal penalty for non compliance. We do not support any attempts to force young people between the ages of 18-26 in to any training that carries the option of military style training or conscription in to the military for any reason that is not voluntary.

It is unacceptable to force any person to engage in training that has mandatory residential elements, military training and or actual service in the military without the ability to refuse, without placing themselves in a position of having to break the law and gaining a criminal record. We do not want our children and grandchildren to fight and die in wars, or in training that they or we have no control over.

We ask that the Private Members Bill, The National Service Bill 2013-14 Presented by Mr Philip Hollobone be rejected in its entirety and that our government reassure us that non voluntary service and any residential or military style training, or service will always be a freedom of choice and not a system of conscription imposed upon UK citizens, especially young people, who should be able to choose their own futures.

Hi all, the bill has now been published and includes the criminality of non compliance and military options…

1 National service system

(1) Every individual who has attained the age of 18 years, and who has not 
attained the age of 26 years, shall be liable to serve one year of national service 
at some point between these years unless exempt.

(2) 5Exempt individuals are those with severe mental or physical disability.
(3) National service shall be defined as participation in a full time scheme 
accredited by HM Government as meeting the requirements of national service 
and set out in regulations by the Secretary of State.

(4) Non-exempt individuals who do not serve one year of national service before 
10the age of 26 years shall be guilty of an offence.

The ramifications of this bill are potentially huge, and include risking the current employment levels of many service areas as well as forcing our children in to military service… The bill is also subject to the discretion of the secretary of state leaving it wide open to abuse. I hope you will join me in sharing this petition widely and can i ask you to consider also signing a friend of mines government e-petition of the same name…


Thanks for your support… Dxxx

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5 Responses to “Stop the National Service Bill”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I work for a large youth organisation, the young men have already decided en masse that they will not go to any spurious wars not allow themselves to be propagandised, many will not read anything from the jewish owned media
    this must be a good step

  2. AlanH says:

    I personally have no problem with national service, it provided our young men with a good grounding for life in the real world, gave many self esteem and a sense of worth, things completely lacking in youth in the 21st century….but that is all moot, as the bill doesn’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance of getting on the statute books….the Muslim lobby alone will kill it stone dead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it, the multi-billion dollar industry that is the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ needs wars or they would go bankrupt.

    America and Israel start these wars and their allies (like Britain) are expected to fight them.

    And when these young lads come back with their limbs blown off, contaminated with chemical warfare, suffering from the effects of depleted uranium, etc., the pharmaceutical corporations have their fun then with their various deadly drugs treating these soldiers for ‘depression’. More and more soldiers are committing suicide from all these insane wars and powerful drugs they are pumped up with.

    Thanks to people waking up, more and more people know ‘National Service’ is just another term for fighting political wars which sociopathic and insane politicians and their masters won’t fight themselves.

    Then you’ve got this nonsense of ‘Help The Heroes’. You can help the heroes by not sending them over fighting foreign wars in the first place!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    We are in the 6th Trumpet “bound in the great river Euphrates” which geographically is Iraq and Syria – need one say more.

    The army is numbered as 200 million and must include China with a third of mankind destroyed.

    Revelation 9.13 on

    Had better start recruiting for WW3.


  5. Anonymous says:

    No more of our childen dying for zion. Period.

    One thing that you can guarantee is the massed exodus of young economic migrants that have been milking the country-those from mainly Eastern European countries will be educated enough not to want to fight for zion, so they will be offski.

    Or will they be exempt?..just like when they brought in the Africans into South Wales in WW1 while the white boys were being slaughtered on the Western front. More genocide against the Celts.

    And just as it always has been, I bet the pilot scheme is introduced in Wales. Just as they use Wales and Scotland as the main recruiting grounds. Its the Celts that they are after, the lads from izon hate the Celts for some reason, and is the reason because the Celts are the true children of Israel?

    Of course it could be the Jesuits 🙂

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