State starts epidemics of polio, whooping cough and other dieases

This is written in a made-up time and made-up place…. but if you think it isn’t close to happening now, you’d best realize that most of it is already onstage…. the state is encroaching on parental rights and children’s rights “for their own good”…. and starting epidemics of polio and whooping cough and other diseases.

Now, it’s flu season…. so they say…. note that when people start getting their flu shots, many start to get sick, as if there were a real flu season, absent the shots. That’s because there is live attenuated (weakened) virus in the vaccines, which cause the same illness they are “supposed” to prevent.  However, the LABEL on the vaccines warn that after vaccination, people should avoid close contact with ALL immune-compromised people…. that would be infants, the aged, many children…. and would include NOT getting on a public transport vehicle because of who could be sitting next to you.
They don’t tell you that.  That would be inconvenient.  Nobody would want the shot.  So they don’t show you the label, and tell you never mind, it will save your sorry butt.  BUT… you will be SORRY….

The lid is starting to come off this story… the bit about children in India is TRUE and has already happened, with more than 47000 cases of paralysis occurring after the vaccinations!  
And notice, we didn’t even mention the neurological damage done by these injections….the humungous increase in autism since the humungous increase in vaccines….  all for your own good…. they say.

Priests in white coats kill a baby of the State
~a short story~
by Jon Rappoport
September 14, 2013
I’m writing this on June 24, 2036.
Right now I have the dubious status of being the most wanted man in America. Number one on the FBI’s list.
Let them try to find me. I’m buried deep.
You all know the sensational story of Baby Joe and the Serenity Hospital in Tenafly, New Jersey. That is, you know what the press is reporting non-stop.
I’m here to correct the story. I’m here to talk to all the sleeping citizens in their homes and the bureaucrats and the police and the doctors and the lunatics in Congress and the parents who are taking orders from the State and the reporters who are selling themselves out every day of their lives and following the party line and the teachers who are trying to sound like doctors and the killers at the FDA and the DHS robots…
Here is what really happened at the hospital.
On June 1, at three in afternoon, after the mother of Joe had been in labor for an hour or so, the doctor gave her a shot and let her float. Then he delivered Joe, who started crying. A nurse calmed him down. They put Joe on his mother’s belly and she reached for him and took him in her arms.
A new doctor walked into the room and held up a syringe and said he was going to give Joe a shot. The Hepatitis B vaccine.
There was no argument, contrary to what the Times wrote. The mother said, “I only have sex with my husband, and I’m not an IV drug user.” Those were her words.
She said this because the Hepatitis B vaccine is supposed to prevent Hepatitis, which comes through sexual transmission and IV drug use.
The doctor said, “It’s mandatory. Your baby has to have the vaccine. And I can already see he has a problem. His head is lolling a little. His eyes are unfocused.”
This was a lie. The baby’s eyes were closed. His head wasn’t lolling, it was cradled in his mother’s arms.
The mother did not then sit up in bed. She didn’t threaten a lawsuit. She didn’t argue. She just said, “No vaccine.” Again, the Times was wrong.
The doctor said, “I can’t release the baby from the hospital until he has the shot. If you won’t give your permission, I’ll have to notify Child Services. They’ll send someone over. You don’t want that.”
He stepped over to the mother and bent down and looked at the baby. He said to the mother, “You and the baby are in our care. We have to do what’s best for both of you.”
She said, “Joe is mine.” She didn’t tell the doctor not to touch Joe. The Times misreported that, too.
The doctor said, “You’re covered under national insurance. The rules say we decide what’s best for the baby. If you refuse treatment, you can be deleted from the program. You’ll be uninsured.”
Once more, the mother said, “No vaccine.”
The doctor said, “I’ll have to call Child Services, and they’ll bring the police with them.”
Now, the mother sat up in bed. She tried to shake off the effects of the pain killer. She said, “The government doesn’t own my baby.”
The doctor said, “No, but we control its medical treatment. You have to go along with this. And if you refuse, then the State does take custody of the baby. Then the State decides everything that happens to the baby.”
The mother said, “They can’t own my boy.”
A nurse standing next to the doctor said, “They can. They will. And a judge will back that up.”
I was standing in the room. That’s how I know everything that was being said.
And I acted on it.
I said to the doctor, “Back away.”
He looked at me. He said to his nurse, “Call security.”
She took out her cell and pressed a button.
The doctor said to me, “You realize this baby has to come to the hospital every three months for the next six years, for checkups? I’ll be here. If I say he’s depressed, I’ll put him on an anti-psychotic, or any drug I choose. If I say he has ADHD, I’ll give him some kind of amphetamine. I’m the one who decides.”
I walked over to the doctor and grabbed him by the throat.
I didn’t punch him. I didn’t try to strangle him. I just put him under control for the moment. I said, “Don’t move.”
He didn’t move.
Then I kneed him hard in the groin. He yelled and I let go of his throat. He doubled over and fell on the floor.
There was a second nurse in the room. She laughed and said, “Damn!”

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