Sarin killer gas is fluoride. Nice that governments add it to water, put it in toothpaste and use it to fumigate corn.

THE ‘HORRIFIC’ Chemical Weapons SYRIA is accused of having were 1. Supplied by the British with full knowledge of Her Majesty’s government and 2. the ‘Chemical Weapons’ are FLUORIDE – which is found in TAP WATER in billions of homes…. Yes, folks, FLUORIDE is a KILLER – but only if its used by SYRIA… Otherwise, as the British, European and American governments say ‘FLUORIDE IS TOTALLY SAFE TO DRINK’… It’s all a lie.

FLUORIDE is one of the main ingredients of NERVE GAS. British newspapers have confirmed that between July 2004 and May 2010 Her Majesty’s Government issued five export licences to two British companies, allowing them to sell Syria fluoride, which is used to make Sarin nerve gas.

Her Majesty’s Government last night admitted for the first time that the poisonous chemical was delivered to Syria – a clear breach of international protocol on the trade of dangerous substances. 

Chris Everard

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I call BS on this one.
    Sodium is nasty. Chlorine is very very nasty indeed. Chlorine was used in WW1 and killed a lot of people, and left many with serious injuries for the rest of their lives.
    Put these two nasties togther and you have…..sodium chloride. Common salt. All us humans need it to survive.
    Please learn some chemistry. You’re intro does nothing but undermine your position.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Am not a chemist but Chlorine is a very useful bleaching agent (liquid or powder) used in laundries/households worldwide and it’s a superb disinfectant, for many hard surfaces but mainly used to disinfect swimming pools etc. That said it is also potentially very dangerous and harmful to the environment and to humans if used incorrectly or if a chlorine gas is released caused by mixing with an acid. (common cause of accidental gassing) Flouride of course is the establishment “wonder’ chemical claimed to prevent dental problems through repeated consumption as in the water supply and regular use via toothpaste.

    However, there are increasing arguments against the prolonged use of Flouride as it is a poison and there is some evidence to prove it actually causes dental pitting and cavities.


  3. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, there is a total misconception regarding these Chemicals, like most materials they are used in a multitude of different processes. One being metal finishing, but I could name you others apart from the use in The Cosmetics Industries.

    Whilst I am not in favour of their use, in products that will be used, & allow ingestion in humans, the fact that they are used on such a wide scale in other Industrial processes makes them easy to acquire.

    I did a post on this, viz. GEORE GALLOWAY, BARNSTORMS , & told you Sarin gas is a very easy product to make, but wouldn’t recommend it. It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, as George stated. Weaponisation of the material is slightly more difficult.

    I could tell you what would be required to produce a Binary in-situ system, but won’t for obvious reasons, as it would probably be against some regulation, or other. These Materials are closely Regulated, but would probably be able to be obtained if anyone wanted them via Back Door Routes.

    If yo look at a previous Post I sent you will see that the Sarin Gas was found in The Possession of The Vatican Rent a Mob, it has Saudi Arabian Markings on it. This was confirmed by TURKEY.

    I Think Obama has been given no choice, he is a “DEAD DUCK” Either Way. They Intend To Shaft Him. Now or Later, The larger Picture Is The Running Down of Americas Credibility, If They Have Any Left That is. I Admire The Jesuits for Their Planning, time is of no Importance To Them. So Long As They Succeed.

    I sent a link to you on Jesuit Wars pdf a year or so ago, appears to have disappeared, I will look it out again.

    Those who Think The Jews are The Top of The Game, Don’t Know What They Are Talking About, They Are Just Papal Jews, of varying importance, Many Are SMOMS, Some With Specific Jobs, Rothschild is Custodian of The Vatican Treasury.




  4. Tapestry says:

    Fluoride is used to poison rats. It kills humans very quickly in larger doses. Sarin uses the reactivity of fluorine I presume. It is the most reactive element on earth. Also used to power the shuttle into space.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Read Fluoride – The Devil’s Poison – if you are interested. It’s in Tap Blog recommended reading.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The Devil’s Poison – How fluoride is killing you by Dean Murphy.

  7. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I don’t disagree with you w/r/t Human Toxicity,of Fluoride Compounds, sodium & Potassium Fluorides in particular., I am just pointing out that they are used a multitude of processes, thereby making it easier to obtain.
    The Papers Blew This Up Out of All Proportion. If you look at the Post I referred to it will be obvious, they are not difficult to get hold of. IPA would probably be more of a problem, but can readily be extracted from a variety of Products such as Screen Wash.

    As I Said A Kid Doing A Level Chemistry Could Make It

    Not Much Time Now but I will send you a bit more information about SARIN, & why it is so Toxic, Than Straight Fluoride Compounds. I have used Hydrofluoric Acid on Many Occasions, & it is VERY NASTY STUFF, but not in the same League as Sarin.


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