Russian Naval Fleet Continues to Strengthen its Deployment in Mediterranean

The Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov announced on Friday that his country will continue to boost its ships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, in order to prevent the emergence of any threat against its borders and security.“Russia will intensify its warships in the Mediterranean in order to reach the self-sufficiency to implement their goals. The goals are clear related to avoiding the emergence of any danger against the borders and the security of the state,” Chirkov told reporters.

Admiral confirmed that the ships deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean is a natural action by any state that has a fleet, in order to strengthen its presence in areas where growing tensions, in reference to the escalation on Syria.
He stressed that the Russian operational formation in the eastern Mediterranean has 7 warships currently, and will be soon attached by three other vessels, including a missile cruiser, a large landing ship and an escort ship.
Moscow had started to strengthen its naval presence in the Mediterranean in 2012. Since last December, Russian fleet started executing tasks related to ensuring a permanent presence in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.
To achieve this goal, all ships stationed in the region have been integrated to form one operational formation, led by the big anti-submarine “Admiral Pantilyev”.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for the Russians, for i am convinced that up to now they have prevented the ultimate outbreak of WW3.


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