Release Manning. The Queen, Cameron and Obama can take his place.

BRADLEY MANNING UPDATE: The communications and documents leaked by Mr Manning show that ENGINEERING WARS and ENGINEERING WAR ZONES is an activity which many politicians and Pentagon officials are involved in – simply so that it justifies the billions of dollars which are handed over to defence contractors every month… We just now discovered that the chemical weapons allegedly used by the Syrian leadership are made of FLUORIDE which was supplied to Syria with full knowledge of Her Majesty’s British government. Oh yes, FLUORIDE poison MADE IN BRITAIN…. And then mysteriously used without provocation on innocent people in Syria… It is EXACTLY this kind of WAR MONGERING which is exposed via the leaked communications provided to the world by Bradley Manning. Report by CHRIS EVERARD…

Basically, WARS ARE ENGINEERED by Buckingham Palace. The glove-puppet politicians such as JOHN KERRY also have their noses in the trough, but they are pip-squeaks in comparison to the vast investments in corporations manufacturing weapons of mass destruction owned by the Royals. Mr Manning, Mr Snowden, Richard Tomlinson (former MI6), Peter Wright (former Assistant director of MI5) and many many other whistleblowers have already leaked vast amounts of information which proves what I am telling you is 100% correct.

Mr Manning’s sentence was extreme and harsh – because Obama wanted to make an ‘example’ of the young man. I SAY CALL A RETRIAL! In the light of what we now have learned about SYRIA. Release BRADLEY MANNING NOW! The Queen, Cameron & OBAMA can take his place!

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