Putin was an Illuminati puppet, but kicked the Illuminati out of Russia

Hi Tap, those of your more astute & enlightened readers, who don’t think I give you disinformation, will know I cited Kerry, as a SMOM, one of The Not So Wise 3 Monkeys only The Other Day. Not So Wise.  Why you may ask ?
Is tarted tis a few days ago, with different bits, theI strung it all together, so it might be a bit disjointed.
The usual “BRAIN DEAD” Comments were given, but there were several readers who understood, the implications, of that which I stated. KERRY is one of the Top Operators not as a Jew, but a SMOM. Know that there is a Significant Difference.
It is unlikely I will bother to reply To anymore “BRAIN DEAD” Comments, it just wastes too much of my Time, if you don’t understand the information then learn how to use a Computer, you won’t then make your selves appear to be so Stupid. 
You will notice that Biden, hasn’t had much to say, it is generally assumed that he is the one who is doing The back Seat Driving. A TOP SMOM.  OBAMA thinks he is The Driver, but in Reality he is Steering the car sitting on the Bonnet, or Hood as The Yanks would say. You Yanks need to wake up, Stop watching Rubbish Like Hollywood Wives, or what other Junk is Considered Entertainment. You are being. “SHAFTED, & DEPOSITED ON FROM A GREAT HEIGHT.” The Majority of Americans Approve of sending Congress to Syria, The Problem is They Don’t Know It. Like The “BRAIN DEAD” Morons in the UK, Those Thieving Parasites, who Consistantly Misrepresent Us, who call themselves MP’s, most of whom are in it for Self Agrandisment, as they certainly don’t represent General Public Opinion. I leave you to decide who they are, there isn’t enough Space. with only 11% Support From Other Brain Dead Morons, They Think The Country Supports Military Action Against a Syria, A Sovereign State Trying To Defend It’s Self Against Terrorists who used SARIN GAS – Turkey confirmed The Rebels Hold This WeaponryMuslim Brotherhood rebels “THE VATICAN’S RENT A CROWD” Possess Chemical Weapons, & its no surprise they originated from Saudi Arabia, Other Links related to this WESTERN SPONSORED REBELS & SARIN GAS  
A man who I have much Respect for is George Galloway, The press constantly try to malign him, because he is gives the unvarnished truth, without any “PUSSEY FOOTING”. I don’t very often refer you to videos as they consume too much time , but this  is a short one, & a must to watch or from  Original Source, there are also a couple of others worth looking at, that I have included, you might which to scan.
How did America End Up “ IN BED with Al – Qaeda ” Supporting The Murder of Christians, obviously Supported by The Puppet Obama & His Controllers. This is not The first Time the Vatican have made use of Muslims to Carry Out Their Grim Agenda of GENOCIDE. I would refer you again to The Vatican Holocaust by Avro Manhattan. I have given this link so many times but it always disappears from Tap’s Blog. There are 23 Different Religious Groups in Syria, as you will note if you reference the video, & as George states ” Any Conflict In Syria Is A Tinder Box ” That will Ultimately lead to an ARAB ISRALI WAR, That will lead to more than the Destruction of The Temple, So that it can be Rebuilt allowing The Pope Residence & World Dominance  

I Fail to understand how Intelligent Human Beings are Followers of This Mad Man, It has caused the Greatest

Reason to carry out Mass Extermination & Genocide The World has ever known. I look at this as a THEIST, & have come to this conclusion, which many of you who still look at things from your own Religious Perspective will never see, or agree to, & don’t even know there is an “Elephant” in The Living Room.

The point George makes in the video about SARIN GAS is a valid one It Ain’t Rocket Science, & is very easy Stuff To Produce, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to make it in their kitchen.  As with most things it can be made in a variety of ways, it is a very unstable product which Thermally Decomposes very quickly. The problem of Weaponisation was never solved by SADAM, to be effective it must be produced in. situ during its delivery.
A Kid doing A Levels would be able to make it, but not necessarily safely.
Anyone with Laboratory Facilities would have no difficulties. Video if you are interested.
There are restrictions on the export of Precursors, but how effective these are one can only guess. It has been brought to our attention that Sodium & Potassium Fluorides were Exported to Syria by The British Government, thus breaking their own Guide Lines. This rather sensationalised, stuff is on the Internet, & proves the point I made, it is,however, not necessarily the best way to synthesise the stuff. 

The ingredients for making sarin, a super-powerful deadly nerve agent, are well known across the chemical industry (and widely documented on the internet, including at ScientificAmerican.com, as you’ll see below). They are:

• dimethyl methylphosphonate
• phosphorus trichloride
• sodium fluoride
• alcohol

All these ingredients can be readily ordered from a chemical supply house. Two of the four ingredients can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Walgreens (sodium fluoride and alcohol)

In this rather Sensationalised Article it finger Wal-Mart but there are many other companies  who supply finish products that contain Chemicals that can be used as Precursors for a lot of Things. To give instances of these would probably be infringing some regulation. but if I know about it so do thousands of other like minded individuals, but in any case any information can be found in Abstracts Scientific American Article  to prove the Point, so take note of what George Galloway Stated because he is correct, Binary or in.situ Weapons that I mentioned above wouldn’t present any difficulties via different dual Reactants.

Vladimir Putin calls John Kerry a liar over al-Qaeda in Syria claims

I don’t think anyone knowing the full Story can argue about that, but there is a lot of stuff many don’t know about Putin,
Vladimir Putin, is one of the few leaders I have any Respect For, he was an Illuminati  Puppet, but has become a Puppet Master, Having Kicked The Illuminati Out of Russia, which I have sent Posts on,  some would argue that this is a Part of The Game Plan, but I Think Not. He is a Firm Supporter of The Orthodox Christian Church. I believe he is a man of integrity, if they think he has a stronger case than they have they could well offer him a deal, which he will not accept. He is in an immensely Powerful position, The Populations of Russia & China constitute c.a. 3.5 Billion People, he is in control of vast Natural Resources & The Banks are to a certain extent under control
This is why they have tried to Frame Him & Give him much Negative Publicity, they didn’t like loosing the Oil, when The Jesuit Trained Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovskywas sent to Jail, which I have told you about on many occasions 

Russia actually Produce more Oil than you might realise, The largest single Producer at 10.9 million b/d, knocking, Saudi Arabia into Second Place with 9.9 million b/d List of Countries by Oil Production

He is supporting a fellow Christian Leader Assad, added to which he has on many occasions said that he intends to make Russia a World Military & Financial Power. This will be in Direct Opposition To The Vatican Controlled Western Cabal, That uses The Jews as Their Cover. You must remember that:-
They need to control everything, Both Natural Resources & World Finance, with Putin around I can’t see how they can Achieve this, To Usher In Their “NEW WORD ORDER” 
I Trust The Above has given you Something to Think About, I will elaborate on some of it at a Later Date, The “BRAIN DEAD” will still insist I am wrong, but quite frankly I couldn’t give a …….
Just a Thought, 2,4,5, T , Depleted Uranium shells, CS Gas, ChemTrails,& I could name you a Few More  – 
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6 Responses to “Putin was an Illuminati puppet, but kicked the Illuminati out of Russia”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The Vatican Controlled Western Cabal, That uses The Jews as Their Cover”. This guy’s priceless! So the dancing Israeli’s on 9/11 were really Jesuits dressed up Jews? Those cunning Catholic bastards! They sure had me fooled.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spot on WASP.
    I used to think Russia was the evil empire when I was a boy and guess I was as much indoctrinated as most but by the grace of God my eyes have been opened and now see the world for what it is.
    I understand your frustration with the brain dead, the American people and the square eyed but you must realise that you can only take the horse to the well but can’t make it drink.
    Like yourself I admire Putin, the guy has guts and takes no shit from the usurped American government and that doesn’t make me a communist, just a free thinker.
    I know we agree on most issues but I have to admit I was very surprised to learn that you knew that the Pope would take up residence in Jerusalem. This of course will be the outcome of Rome being destroyed. Rome will burn for her sins.
    Interestingly, I see Assad, Putin, Xi Jinping and others fulfilling prophesy in coming against Jerusalem. Another interesting thing is that scripture states that Damascus will be “no more” and a pile of rubble. Make of that what you will, but could the present conflict lead to the complete destruction of the oldest inhabited city in the world. By what means will this come about?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the wake up call where it’s true that Jesuit is in control since they can’t take over the World straight away. Seems, we have to further learn more about the situation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with Central Banks, as long as the profit generated goes back to the Country.
    It’s when Zionists get involved the trouble starts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having myself posted that Wasp is disinfo and having understood what that means for over 30 years, such concerning truth mixed with untruths, regardless of intent, I stand by my observation.

    What makes this blog refreshing is the diversity of views and the respect shown to such individuals whereby the reader is left to make up their own mind.

    I can say that having read some of his material, Wasp has some quite mistaken opinions on true Christianity. Obviously there is an abundance of false Christianity out there what with false flags and all the other disinfo and abuse of privilege that takes place.

    I would be the first to admit that I seem to have been guilty of inadvertent disinfo by citing Robert Green when I meant to cite Tim Rustidge and Tap posted such, however unlike WASP, I avoided the blog for several days my feeling considerable guilt for my error. I likewise confessed what I believed was an error, on the blog.

    Wasp has a different approach: “I don’t give a ….”

    I personally do. I care about the detail.

    In my opinion, and it has to be an opinion as I do not possess all knowledge; all roads used to point to Rome.

    Rome surely is the old money this being evident with offices in most every town, certainly in non Muslim or non-communist countries (and I repeat such is opinion).

    The new money however is created from interest on credit loaned by banks to governments from thin air, which has to be far more lucrative than traditional industry.

    It is Jews who are calling on Netanyahu to roll out the political messiah whereas Rome has to yield to such a shift in policy. It is Zionism and Rothschild who are behind the creation of Israel. It is Rothschild who is behind the Supreme Court in Jerusalem whom Ben Gurion reported would resolve national differences yet is a shrine to the Illuminati and Freemasonry. It is Israel who benefits from 911 and recent policy in the Middle East. It is Israel who is lobbying the western states to oppress everyone while Rome keeps up the call to come to Papa. One group seeks to attract support the other simply tramples everything.

    All the evidence, and one has to examine all the evidence, suggests supremacist Jews pull the strings but they have to work with the old guard until that is, as Scripture suggests, they overthrow such.

    Monopolistic usury on an international scale has to outstrip any other form of industry.

    Wasp’s language is most interesting such as his repeated use of derogatory terms such as “brain dead” or “stupid” when addressing disagreement.

    I would much prefer he present a meaningful and structured argument to counter disagreement.

    To the contrary he utilises a dictatorial approach such as:

    “You must (emphasis mine) remember that”, rather than allow the reader to make up their own mind.

    As someone who recognised the uniqueness of the Bible, as standing above every other book, I look there, as well as to God for wisdom and understanding and I find significant answers in both and simply encourage others to do, as I do and seek the truth from the being who created all things.

    That is a whole different belief system than religion whom I believe Wasp would or I recall has sought to pigeonhole me.

    As Wasp leaves us on Chemtrails and I have no idea why he, to my experience so far, uniquely refers to such as Chem Trails, I suggest God revealed the subject of Chemtrails most clearly to John in The Revelation with the following:

    “A third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that their light lost a third of their brightness…Then I looked and I heard an eagle that was flying high in the air…” Revelation 8.12-13.

    I suggest he was shown a Chem-tanker.

    Global dimming has been reported as by a third. How accurate is that revelation of near 2000 years ago?

    So just how did John know about global dimming? God revealed it to him.

    The rest of the Bible reveals the rest and I can assure you fellow truth seeker, you will find that is where the real truth can be found.


  6. Anonymous says:

    HI TAP
    I heard on free britian rasio a talk about false flag prophet, and wasp was named several times by the experts, please dont let this man spoil the whole blog
    John Bennet
    PS how the hell can rothschilds be catholics ?

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