Police State is here

This lady had only one question, which she keeps repeating.  What did I do?  Meantime her window is smashed and she’s dragged and thrown to the ground.  The frightening part is that the police office clearly thinks he’s not doing anything unusual or wrong.  Scary.

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3 Responses to “Police State is here”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The even scarier part is the Cop videos it all himself-as such who posted it onto the Net? It isn’t just in USA either, in this country she would have had at least two windows broken and many a dent in her bonnet by over zealous and out of control cops. I would say it’s time to fight back but I daren’t as ‘they’ may come a knocking at my door any minute if I do!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Collective action by the common people is what is needed. Shame this girl was on her own. If only she had a full car of guys who could get out and in the face of the cop to counter this. Times are bad and getting worse when a slightly built and inoffensive (she didn’t use bad language or anything?!) young girl is brutally bullied and forced to the ground…what is it nowadays with cops putting girls and even the elderly on the ground to restrain them? The fascists have taken over what used to be Peace Officers of the people. reiverdave

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cops have long been recruited on average IQ levels.

    That whey don’t think twice about beating somebody up as their training at Police college teaches them.

    The government wants cops that do as they are told, not what the law states.

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