Of Princess Diana, Royals and The Law: Getting away with murder?

Peter Sterry

Sixteen years after she died in Paris, the United Kingdom Metropolitan police have apparently reopened the investigation into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The exact circumstances of the crash remain a subject of much debate, but we have learned in recent weeks after the publication of Alan Power’s The Princess Diana Conspiracy, of the existence of an SAS assassination unit known as ‘The Increment’ which worked – or works,  under the orders of MI6 and that the head of the this unit was in Paris the night Diana died.

Although one might feel squeamish doing so, one could also speculate about what other operations ‘The Increment’ has been up to in recent years, but we do know that there were plans to assassinate former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in a car, in a tunnel, using a ‘lamping unit’ to dazzle the driver and cause a crash. And now in the last few days, an SAS soldier has gone on record to say Diana was killed in this way – in a crash, but not an accident.
The revelation was reported today in the Daily Mail, where the man speaking, ’Soldier N’, made the astonishing allegations to his wife after taking Prince William on his advanced driving course in 2008.

Now the problem for the Metropolitan Police, as their insignia (left) so aptly demonstrates is that like all public servants in Britain they are literally ‘under’ the crown, so if their investigation is to be as impartial, thorough and comprehensive as the public would expect, then it will raise very grave questions about the unwritten British constitution as well as certain individuals near the top of the Order of Precedence.

The Order of Precedence is the hierarchy of the British establishment writ large. It pertains to seating arrangements at state banquets, but more than that it illustrates how closely interwoven the royal Family are into the fabric of the British state. The Mail explains:

“The wife reportedly claimed her husband had told her the ‘hit’ had been instructed by individuals in the royal inner circle because they disapproved of Diana’s relationship with Fayed.
The forthcoming investigation will probe claims today from a key source in the UK security industry that GCHQ was remotely taping Diana and Dodi up until the moment of the crash.
The source told the Sunday Express the controversial couple had their phones tapped.”Mohammed Al Fayed has long insisted that the Paris car crash which killed Diana, Dodi and their driver, Henri Paul, was the work of MI6 at the request of the Duke of Edinburgh, number two in the order of precedence after The Queen. While Al Fayed was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, now the wife of a former SAS soldier has come forward to back up his claims. The woman told detectives that her husband had claimed that ‘the “hit” had been carried out on the orders of individuals ‘within the Royal inner circle’ as they did not approve of Diana’s relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed.’


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In all honesty considering this video,

    i cant believe they didn’t do it earlier?

    especially considering harry?




    (not saying i agree though)


  2. Anonymous says:




    1/ 31.40
    2/ 36.00+
    3/ 38.00+
    4/ 1:20:00++

    whole video is interesting


  3. Anonymous says:

    The British Royal Family are the longest running serial killers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    David Icke has explored this thoroughly and published his results years ago

  5. Tapestry says:

    David Icke gives you the truth and adds unnecessary complications making it hard for people to buy his version of events without doubts. You need other sources, however helpful Icke can be, which just give the simple facts without embellishment, interpretation and linking them to spiritual and other agendas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap

    The conduct of BLACK TERROR and ASSASSINATION missions has been standard practice for many years.

    The following extract from a synopsis by United States Army Special Forces Captain John McCarthy provides evidence of such practices:


    This is true. It happened. And it happened in the United States of America and in Vietnam.

    Continued suppression of the following facts and circumstances provides history with the opportunity to repeat itself. It already has once.

    The United States Government claims that publication of this matter will be inimical to the National Security of our country. A more accurate phrase would be National Embarrassment. Stonewalling on this issue has worked for over thirty years. Stonewalling works. It is time to take down the wall.

    McCarthy was the Case Officer in Saigon, of a CIA directed covert operation code-named PROJECT CHERRY. The operational mission of CHERRY was a redundant, three-pronged assassination team targeted against Prince NORODOM SIHANOUK, the head of state of Cambodia.

    PROJECT CHERRY was not a Special Forces mission. This CIA activity employed Special Forces personnel who were selected for their expertise in relevant skills necessary for the conduct of BLACK TERROR and ASSASSINATION missions. The Project was buried deep within a Military Intelligence unit which was itself operating under the guise of a Civic Action Team, a common CIA cover for covert operations world-wide.

    The “operational” members of PROJECT CHERRY were Cambodians recruited from the KHMER SEREI, the Government In Exile from Cambodia, violently anti-SIHANOUK and dedicated to the overthrow of the Cambodian Government. The KHMER SEREI was recognized by the Vietnamese Government and operated openly in South Vietnam. PROJECT CHERRY employed twelve members of the KHMER SEREI. Their missions included the conduct of BLACK TERROR against the civilian population of Cambodia, while leaving evidence of their atrocities blaming Cambodian forces for their actions. The purpose of these activities was to create CIVIL UNREST and a rebellion against the Cambodian Regime. It worked.


    rgds JKick

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