Ned on Sunday. The 10 false assumptions of modern science.

Dear Tap,
I have returned to painting for the first time in 2-3 years; painting my village inspired by a Jeff Rense interview 14 August 2013
…. during which Gerald Celente said:
“Verdi’s main objective in composing the music that he did was to raise the spirit of the Italian people… It was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists. He did it with music… calm the savage breast.”
Raising the spirit of people through the power of art: Verdi used music. Ned is using paint. I am working to a deadline and while painting listen to the radio and internet. Thoughts from the week Tap. If anything grabs you, use as you wish.
From David Icke’s site:
‘The number of donors shifting support from Britain’s ruling Conservative Party to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is increasingly on the rise, a new report has found.
Conservative Party donors are leaving Prime Minister David Cameron behind pouring almost half a million pounds into boosting UKIP on its way to the next general election in 2015, said the report in the Independent on Sunday.
According to the report at least 1,923 donors helped the Conservative Party financially between when David Cameron was promoted as leader in December 2005 and the May 2010 general elections.’
So, UKIP appear to be on the up and Farage an impressive public speaker with determined focus. Why then, is Neil Hamilton being used as a UKIP representative? His latest outing was Friday 27 Sept BBC Radio 4 Friday Any Questions:
He will put people off. No, I didn’t listen to the programme.
As if Green MP Caroline Lucas, Kenneth Clarke MP, minister without portfolio in the cabinet office and Labour peer Lord Falconer were not enough, I would have to also stomach UKIP’s Campaign Director for the 2014 Euro elections Neil Hamilton… no thanks. What on earth are UKIP thinking? Neil Hamilton, UKIP’s Campaign Director for the 2014 Euro elections?!
Nigel, I ain’t voting for Neil Hamilton. I understand
Godfrey Bloom was the planned guest for this edition of Any Questions until his recent ‘sluts’ comment and subsequent sacking:
I would have listened to the programme had it included Godfrey Bloom simply because he is entertaining, whether I agree with him or not. We are tired of programmed policy repeating robots; at least I am. Bring back Godfrey Bloom! At least he’s funny.
TAP – UKIP is controlled not by Nigel Farage but from the shadows by a Mike Nattrass.  The party runs from his business offices in Solihull – Nattrass & Giles.  No one gets selected unless he and his cronies (who are they, one wonders?) say so.  He came from a a party called New Britain which was entirely racist and unelectable.  One suspects the hand of the Zionists and probably the Jesuits.  Don’t imagine UKIP to be clean.

UKIP Constituencies have to be very careful to elect a representative, a PPC who is genuinely on their side.  The more the PPCs are approved by the regional controllers, the more likely they are to be snakes in the grass, or if they seem very well funded.

Onto Kenya. The BBC ran an investigative programme on Samantha Lewthwaite: From the Shires to Al-Shababhttp:
Even the programme notes state:
“While it is not yet confirmed that she was at Westgate…”
It was garbage reporting; really appalling propaganda. So called witnesses reported a woman in a veil they rarely saw the face of and it seems no one actually saw her at the Kenyan shopping centre. But hey, it warrants an entire BBC programme suggesting she was there and is an integral component of this latest terrorist attack. The Kenyan gig looks like another set up job. Be aware. The following Friday morning, the website link states:
‘The issuing of an international arrest warrant for the woman who has been dubbed the “white widow” dominates many of the front pages.’
Yeah, sure it does BBC and how appropriately convenient for you, you government tools and fools.
I add, if you ever hear BBC foregin correspondent Frank Gardener reporting, alert your bullshit anntennae. Hey Frank, I’m open to being proved otherise, but you sound well dodgy to me, while the studio staff always treat you as a sacrosanct journalist; just like your fellow presstitute John Simpson. Am I being rude and purporting unsubstantiated ‘conspiracy theory’? I’m being blunt and relaying what my common sense tells me.
The latest Climate Change report: Dear oh dear. James Naughtie on BBC Radio 4 Today programme was bias and slanted, illustrating further poor quality mainstream journalism while pretending to be taking the higher moral ground. F— o– Jim. As for newer recruit Sarah Montague, equally useless.
The previous week David Attenborough talking up the necessity of de-population. These people are the old paradigm along with Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking and BBC poster boy Brian ‘I don’t believe in ghosts’ Cox.
My article from July 2012 on Sir David Attenborough: Carbon Cultist:
As usual, the alternative media provide interesting presentations of alternative views:
The great global warming swindle – Full version
The Corbett Report: The IPCC Exposed
James Corbett would be an excellent addition to a BBC flagship news programme.
This climate change story seems to be part of implementing Agenda 21…
Understanding Sustainable Development Agenda 21:

For all those pious scientists of conventional wisdom, check Rupert Sheldrake – Richard Dawkins comes to call:

The 10 false assumptions of modern science:

I only recently viewed this lovely 1994 BBC programme: Rupert Sheldrake – Heretic:
This is why I love the internet; there is always a little gem to be found. Note at the beginning, Rupert the committed Christian ‘singing’ prayers with his family at the supper table. Bizarre and wonderful.

I had an e-mail from Rupert Sheldrake (super exciting!): ‘Dear Ned, Thank you for your invitation and letter…’ and so forth. My reply included:
“…. Please, please, please contribute to The People’s Voice I would be surprised if you have not already been approached. Surely, this is a perfect platform for the likes of you, Lipton, Hancock et al. ‘We’ need you guys to come froward even more. While it is cool to name check Rupert Sheldrake, David Icke remains a taboo reference in many quarters. Fear is a huge factor among our community.”

From Sheldrake to Graham Hancock –
Graham Hancock thanks Pedro Branco, Eduardo Costa, Viviana Lopes, Daniel Mendes, Jo Anne Taisbin and others who have messaged him about the man-made pyramid 130 feet underwater off the Azores. The name of the discoverer, featured in the video is Diocleciano Silva. According to the video the discovery was made five months ago but there has been minimal international coverage up to now. Eduardo Costa and Daniel Mendes both sent Hancock a link to this short article on the subject in English:
Pedro Branco sent two further links:
and: latter story states that the Portuguese navy is investigating.
Hancock later sent through:
What our purpose is we established long ago. We were obliged to forget it, and our true origins, when we drank the waters of the river Lethe before we reincarnated here. Our challenge now is to remember.

As a follow up to Tap post ‘British painter believes in mermaids’ (ha ha funny Tap):
…. watch this one: Mermaids The New Evidence HDTV

Again, why isn’t David Attenborough addressing such material? Is it complete rubbish and all a hoax?

Last Thursday night I stood under the stars after hours sat painting, and while taking in some fresh air before bed I heard a helicopter, low, loud and apparently close. This is a frequent event as the military are persistently on training exercises in my home area. However, as low as the helicopter sounded, I couldn’t see it. They usually have lights or I can at least see the silhouette in the moonlight. Of course, I assumed it must have been out of sight beyond the tree and hedge line, but I have heard and seen these vehicles on numerous occasions, used to witnessing their sound and proximity and this was very close. My thought was invisible cloaking technology. I know, probably not, but that was my fun thought and I laughed to myself as Harry Potter technology whirled in my imagination. You never know, maybe others have experienced ‘invisible’ noisy helicopters and at least my perceived experience is now publicly chronicled.

But enough of this frivolous stuff. D’Arcy is dead. Yes, BBC Five Live are analysing it and informed me this morning. In the latest Bridget Jones Diary book, D’Arcy is dead. I’ve googled it and the Swindon Advertiser confirms it:

So Tap, you are concerned about war in the world and a melting planet? D’Arcy is dead. Get your priorities sorted out sunshine!

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3 Responses to “Ned on Sunday. The 10 false assumptions of modern science.”

  1. NPP says:

    UKIP = Nattrass & Giles
    Hmmm. Interesting. I assumed ‘controlled’ opposition, but not aware of this detail.
    Cheers Tap.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nattrass, a very good old English name that 🙂

    And very appropriate for a party called The New England..

    The new jerusalem perhaps?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Couple of fantastic posts there Tap.

    One is immediately inclined to reflect on internet posts about FEMA, yet to come organ retrieval and child rape, in Alaska, should such still exist on line.

    Great to see Sheldrake challenge the conventional scientific view which others like Dawkins are so dogmatic about what they deem the utmost science.

    Sheldrake certainly asks some significant questions not answered by science.

    Dawkins challenged me to a debate on the existence of God over the matter of an amazing young Christian girl, Debbie Drapper.

    I don’t wish to offend but the scripture says not to engage in foolish argument and also says the fool in his heart says there is no God. I therefore did not take up the challenge.

    His followers were demanding she be removed from her parents and be placed in a home, simply because she had no knowledge of Britney Spears.

    Unfortunately Hotmail has closed my email on that account so if any evidence remains it will only be on Dawkins own site.

    I did however observe Dawkins followers promotion of an agenda:

    Removal of children, from their truly loving parents, to be placed in state run Children’s Homes…

    One immediately thinks of Savile and the excellent, yet tragic expose of Jersey, by Pie and Mash.

    Could Dawkins deluded followers be indeed of that mindset, indeed of that ilk?

    On the next topic:

    There may indeed be much to do with resonance and vibrations but such is merely the study of the creation (the physical) not the relationship which is what we as humans are supposed to search and find, with the Creator, which is true Christianity.

    Mohammedism, Judaism, Catholicism etc. is about ritual.

    True Christianity is about friendship and relationship with the Creator.

    True Christianity is not about pleasing God by ritual obedience but by having God as your best friend.

    That is not to say He will be chatting with you on a daily basis but will do so from time to time to reinforce the relationship. I have had spells of many years between communication but when He chooses to communicate, by gum you know!

    As for Christanity being a religion, I seldom attend church for I find them mostly ignorant and hostile to the truth. Why? They have long been infiltrated by the Z’s.

    Sadly this is now being associated with persecution by other human beings, hence – he who looses his life for my sake shall save it and the reversal.


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