London seminar on fracking, chemical warfare and Agenda 21

LONDON EVENT – 11am to 6pm – Sun 15th Sept 2013


Ian R Crane & Patrick Henningsen
The Great Political Awakening …
A Call to ACTION!

Grand Connaught Rooms
Great Queen Street


Advance Tickets £20.00 (includes Free DVD)  or  £25 On The Door

Event Schedule:

Morning Session  –  (AM Session only – (£15 on the door)
10.30am – Doors Open
11.00am – SYRIA & Chemical Anarchy in the 21st Centurty  (Part 1)
12.15pm – Short Break
12.45pm – SYRIA & Chemical Anarchy in the 21st Century (Part 2)

2.00pm – Lunch Break

Afternoon Session  –  (PM Session only – (£15 on the door)
3.00pm – FRACKING Nightmare & Agenda 21
4.00pm – Short Break
4.30pm – The Global Political Awakening  … CALL TO ACTION … The Time is NOW!
5.30pm – Q&A Session

Chemical Anarchy in the 21st century – Patrick Henningsen

I. The Syrian Crisis
A. What happened, how it happened, who did it
B. Another Hegelian false flag?
C. Template for future conflicts
II. What are chemical weapons?
A. Military grade vs. makeshift
B. Iran vs Iraq War  > Gulf Wars I & II
D. Britain, France and the US
E. Falluja, Gaza, Lebanon, Kosovo
III. Chemical Industrial Complex
A. Britain transfer of chemical agents to Syria – garden variety WMD’s
B. Organo-phosphate industry
C. Who are the big players?
D. In everyone’s back yard
FRACKING NIGHTMARE & Agenda 21 – Ian R Crane

In December 2012, David Cameron announced that he was lifting the moratorium (temporary ban) on the exploitation of Britain’s Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) reserves.

Having spent almost 20 years working withe Schlumberger, the world’s largest Oilfield Services Company, Ian R Crane knew that he had to focus his efforts into raising awareness of the environmental & health dangers associated with the Hydraulic Fracturing (FRACKing) process, an essential component of Shale Gas and CBM production.

Since March 2013, Ian has hosted seventy ‘FRACKtured FUTURE’ events around the UK and Ireland. Now Ian brings his updated insight and analysis to London, which if London Mayor Boris Johnson has his way will be Fracked into oblivion!

What is really behind the obscene speed with which David Cameron and Cabinet Advisor Lord John Brown are pushing their FRACKing aganda? A process which irrefutably contaminates Water, Soil & the Air!

For the past decade Ian R Crane has strived to raise awareness of the Deep Geo-political agenda. An agenda which does NOT appear to serve the best interets of Humanity, yet establishes a blueprint for ‘Global Goverance’ by a Technocratic elite, under the guise of achieving ‘Sustainability’!

‘From FRACKING Nightmare to Agenda 21’ will expose the harsh reality which proves that Mankind is being led down a path of ultimate self-destruction, whilst being deluded into believing that ‘elected’ representatives are acting in the interests of the electorate!
The multi-pronged attack on Humanity (Bio-Spiritual Warfare) can only be thwarted through mass awareness. Could it be that the ‘Dash for Gas’ in the UK will act as the catalyst which serves to awaken the masses to the reality of their plight and UNITES people with disparate worldviews to put aside their differences and come together to wrestle control from the socio-psychopathic Global Corporatists?

The FRACKING Agenda threatens the very basics of life … OUR Water, OUR Soil & OUR Air!

This event is a CALL TO ACTION … the time has come for Humanity to UNITE against the pernicious socio-psychopaths who serve Global Corporatism.

Our Time has come … and that Time is NOW!
Conaught rooms
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