Kennedy was killed for insisting on nuclear inspection of Israel


Secret British government interest in Mind Control has gone on at least until the 1930s, 
Winston Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran and his wife were closely connected to Porton Down
which duplicated experiments on ” people manipulation” and weird tests on twins and to that in the USA and  allegedly in Germany with Dr Mengele.
Churchill was a believer in Eugenics and Euthanasia, and while i had the opportunity to speak with several of Portons adult soldiers who had their brains raddled with LSD experiments and sarin gas etc, the bulk of the work was done with young twins for one very good reason, you can experiment on one and use the other to gauge any changes.
The psychiatrist Daniel Stern author of several books incuding the well known “The Interpersonal world of the infant” which was the result  of seeing the behaviour of twin babies denied food,  given strange flashing lights etc and in particular the structure and alteration of nervous system function, documentation held in the archives exposes the Rockefella agenda in mass mind programming, which in Britain, was done through the military.
Several of those experimented on went on to become psychopaths and killers such as Moors murderer Ian Brady Harry Roberts and the London Gangsters the Kray twins.

The Krays were Jews who originated from Jarzebowski in Poland, and ran protection rackets all across London and the Home Counties from Pubs to stalls in the High streets, they are still remembered for not allowing other criminals to work their areas, and the sight of these two men in their youthful hand made Savile Row suits heavy gold jewlry and smelling heavily of aftershave  was a regular site as they surveyed their territory.
The wartime Jewish underground leader Rose Finesilver introduced the boys to the Winogradski  brothers, these 3 brothers  Bernard Delfont, Leslie Grade and Lew Grade ran Britain’s entertainment industry after
W W II and decided who suceeded and who did not, the Krays were strongarm men and debt collectors and every variety act that appeared in Britain had to pay Lew Grade for the priviledge “Mr.ten per cent “also helped to introduce young rent boys to those in government and high office, this resulted in the collapse and disbandment of the whole of the Eastern region crime squad, The Krays territory was East London, and oneEast London Roman Catholic orphanage called St Mary’s convent school in the early sixties was the focus for some bizarre experiments.
The wicked and sadistic head nun in charge at the orphanage school was called sister Peter, and she summoned all the children into the playground and said they must all line up for hearing tests in the dining hall. Each dining table had headsets where kids listened to messages talked through the headphones and then had to write down what they heard, the kids all aged under 11 were then dismissed but later in the day several were called back where unnamed men working under a Dr. Stephen Ward would take more tests, and this process was repeated in other areas.
This Roman Catholic orphanage had been taking children from broken homes, and as Ireland was not allowed birth control, many Irish girls found their way to England to have the child, which was taken away by the nuns and the mother would return quietly home, in some cases the mothers were told their child had died.
Many of these children would go missing and white Anglo-Saxon children were sent in the fifties to populate the commonwealth countries after W W II, while importing in black children to take their place.
One of these children in official experiments was called Sylvia; she is referred to in restricted documents as child 5.
Child 5 was subjected to hypnosis and drug “rehabilitation” this went on over a spasmodic period as far as I can tell for 6 years, part of this was that she would be sent under hypnosis to astral travel to a huge orbiting flying saucer to spy on the occupants and report back, she begged the experiments conductor not to force her inside the ship as she said they knew she was there and she was desperately afraid, but they insisted.
In order to achieve these goals the personality must be fractured, which leads to multiple personalities and problems in other areas, and Sylvia was allegedly caught stealing from the charity box in the local Roman Catholic Church.
Similar tests were farmed out by Stanford University to Cliveden house, where Christine Keeler met and loved famous men, Dr. Stephen Ward the society osteopath and healer was so closely connected with Cliveden that for a time he actually lived in a cottage in the grounds.
Winston Churchill tried to force Prof.Alexander Cannon to experiment on mind control from his Colney Hatch psychiatric hospital and his refusal meant he spent the remainder of the war  under house arrest on the Isle of Man.
Dr. Stephen Ward was outsourcing work on mind control from the CIA and Stamford University, this was Project Monarch, the making of which then led to the mass people programming experiments we now see on television, in Hollywood films and Rupert Murdoch newspapers.

Much slowed down film of BBC news has been shown to have subliminals added to condition people for war, mass torture, ethnic cleansing and genocide.
Dr. George Estabrooks from Colgate University was also working on personality remodeling as it was called, and worked with several psychiatrists at changing sexual orientation; they had some success with normalising gays.
ECT ( Electro Convulsive Therapy) was used to gain mental control, these young people would then do anything they were told and even became Manchurian candidates such as Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan and Anders Behring.
Among Dr. Stephen wards clients were Averill Harriman M I 5 boss and general buffoon Roger Hollis,
Colin Coote, Duncan Sandys who introduced him to Sir Anthony Blunt and Winston Churchill, and it is said that what Ward learnt of Sir Anthony Blunt and particularly Winston Churchill while treating him for alcoholism and depression, was what insured his death. Soviet spy Eugene Ivanovo said until his death that it was not the Soviets who had Ward killed, but Sir Anthony Blunt, remember Stephen Ward had said that JFK would be killed for insisting on nuclear inspectors coming to Israel.
Sir Anthony Blunt was the British connection to The Wheel, The Wheel was an organisation that supplied boys to Homosexuals from places like the Jersey care home, and David Ferris and Clay Shaw were Wheel members in the US, Jack Ruby also ran boys and women and claimed the Jews were behind Kennedys death.
Ward was an accomplished occultist, who would conjure spirits to appear at parties for the rich and famous, and the Roman Catholic chief exorcist told me some years back that the exorcisms he had to perform at Cliveden house were the most sinister of his career, and rumour has it among Cliveden gardeners that Blunt had murdered boys buried in the flower beds.
Project artichoke was a later version in modified behavioral sciences (MBS) and this was used with tracking UFOs, the London psychic Frank Hyde was involved with the US embassy in UFO tracking and discussions, and this was later confirmed by a source at Lakenheath.
So people over the years have been dissuaded by lies from government agencies from speaking of UFOS by ridicule and humiliation, yet the US and British governments have known at least since the fifties that whatever UFOs are, they do exist.

Whether this still goes on today I do not know, but my guess is that it does.
T Stokes London 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap

    Yes, UFOs exist and it aint little green men that drive them.

    The propraganda campaign waged at the public has ben very effective.

    Members of the public in general will immediately dismiss flying discs as being “impossible” and not something which any sane person would consider for a moment.

    This attitude is based on an almost total lack of knowledge of the facts. There are at this time, large numbers of flying discs, built by humans and capable of spectacular flight abilities.

    If you feel that this is a “load of rubbish” then take a look at the US patents list where you will find forty-seven patents which have the well-known “flying saucer” shape. Do you seriously think that not a single one of these patents had a test prototype.

    Check out Karl Schappeller, who is virtually unknown. One of the reasons for this is the fact that publicising his work has been strongly opposed by people who do not want his understanding to become widely known.

    Why is this infomation (UFOs) being supressed?

    One reason could be the mother of all false flags.

    It’s been in the pipeline for many years.

    Check out NASA’s Project Blue Beam

    “The infamous NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. I’ll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible! That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.”

    Serge Monast.

    Will these events play out, who knows, but keep an eye out for a sublime influx of UFO stories appearing in MSM, especially if attributed to folk of prominence.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I met T Stokes ina truth radio station just before his death, i did not belive in UFOs then and i dont now.
    It just cant happen, can it ?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap
    While i dont normally like whistleblowers, but this man did give the public a lot of information which as he said belongs in the public domain.
    I think he was the first to open the British intelligence files on the cruel illegal and vicious treatment and murder of Rudolf Hess

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had never heard of this bloke unil i read his obituary in the newspaper, fascinating guy the people he knew.

  6. Wimpole Muse says:

    For much more on Dr Stephen Ward, the Krays and Rose Finesilver, from one who was there;

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