Jews are the puppets. All wars are Jesuit wars.

wasp said…
Hi Tap, if you don’t come up with the Answer, THE VATICAN is Controlled by JESUITS, THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA, SMOMS are THE CONTROLLERS. They use The Jews as a Front, then you are still the Wrong Side of The Mirror, & need to Clear Away The Smoke. I am also of The Opinion that there could be a Higher Dynastic, Occultic / Extra Terrestrial, Order: composed of just a Few Members. But The Jesuits control everything for them.

Hitler was Financed by JESUIT BANKERS, Wall Street Paves the Way for Hitler

The Dawes Plan, adopted in August 1924, fitted perfectly into the plans of the German General Staffs military economists. (Testimony before United States Senate, Committee on Military Affairs, 1946.)

This build-up for European war both before and after 1933 was in great part due to Wall Street financial assistance in the 1920s to create the German cartel system, and to technical assistance from well-known American firms …….

You need to understand how important The Hydrogenation Process & The Haber Process were to realise how I.G. Farben was involved, in The Production of Synthetic Gasoline, from Coal, & Tar,together with Armaments from Hydrogen & Nitrogen to give Ammonia required in the production of Explosives.

Horace Greeley Hjalmar Schacht, of J.P.MORGAN was initially Hitlers Financial Adviser. It should be remembered, the Fortunes of The Nazi’s never took off until Jesuit Fr. Heinrich Himmler was involved. Martin Bormann, who was a Double Agent, controlled The British MK Trained Puppet Hitler.

The Third Reich was Controlled Through The Concordat, essentially meaning Himmler was The Vatican’s Controller.

Rothschild had nothing to do with Financing Hitler.


“RENT-A-CROWD” are obviously Vatican Funded, & are GLOBALIST PUPPETS.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not far from the truth. David Icke is not far either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NO sorry but JESUS CHRIST made it perfectly clear it IS the false JEWS, the ashkenazarian satanists!!!
    many of the jesuits may also be JEWS, but the top of the pyramid is JEW RUN!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Jesuits really ran the show then why does the mainstream media routinely bash the Vatican by giving an inordinate amount of attention to pedophile priest scandals? If Jesuits really ran the show then why is one not attacked, ridiculed or maligned as “anti-Catholic” for propagating baseless conspiracy theories about the Jesuits? Meanwhile people are viciously maligned and attacked as “anti-semites”, “nazis”, “haters,” and, in some cases, even thrown in prison if you criticize Jews and their criminal activities or expose their holocaust lies. Why doesn’t anyone lose their job for criticizing the Vatican? Meanwhile criticism of Jews or Israel is considered “career suicide.” If Jesuits really ran the show then why are there Orwellian “Holocaust Denial Laws” in Europe? The anti-Jesuit conspiracists put forth a laughable postulation that the Jesuits faked the Protocols to frame Jews which means they must really hate Jews. If it’s true that Jesuits hate Jews enough to orchestrate an elaborate hoax to frame them for a world conspiracy, and Jesuits are in control, then why do they give the Jews special privileges in Western societies and special protection from criticism that they don’t even afford themselves? The obvious answer to all these questions is: Jesuits don’t run SQUAT. It’s all made up b.s. to cover for the Jews!

  4. Tapestry says:

    Any cover-up has to be murky and confusing or everyone would see through it. You create a mass of smoke around the Jewish theory of control, and the Jesuit slips through unnoticed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok Tap, thats as the case may be, but with all due respect why are virtually ALL those in positions of power of Ashkenazi descent?. Its not even a case of their names, but the genetic look which is unmistakable, just as all peoples have their visual traits (although in fairness the Ashkenazi has tried to remain pure while doing their level best to miscagnate the rest of the races into a soup). All across the world the leaders and those pulling their strings are zionist Ashkenazis, no ifs or butts.

    Even those countries few countries which we may have believed were self determining now apparently were controlled all along by selected people.

    Nobody is disagreeing that the Jesuits may well play a part in the murkiness of it all, lets face it there has to be something mentally deficient with anyone who wants to belong to a secret society, surely thats the domain of schoolboy fantasy?

    But we are being fed half truths here by Wasp to deflect from those who really have controlled from the beginning of time, the money lenders, the Pharisees, the Sadducees whatever you want to call them. They know the game of waging war by deceit is up, the reaction to the Syrian set-up proved that. So the only worry now is when the beast decides to fully expose itself and come out of the closet. Then its fireworks time for mankind is it not?

  6. Take it from a Jew himself, we know were the Jesuit scapegoat. Israel’s very existence fights off the Shiite Regimes that are Jesuit-controlled. Once the Sunni wake up to the Shiite Propoganda war calling “Zionism” this “Zionism” that…

    Why do you all think Jews & all the other minorities overwhelmingly vote for Progressive Democrat? The Jesuits have an oath to exterminate “liberals & protestants” off the face of the earth”…does that sound like Jews run the world ahahha.

    And I love this folks! “Jews run Wall STreet” You dumbshit Lehman Brothers didnt get bailed out!! It was the only bank run by a Jewish CEO!!! Howard Schultz? He votes Democrat! He railed against the fucking teabaggers who suck Koch cock!

    Its the TeaBaggers who are Fascist Neo-Confederates/Neo-Nazis. Same anti-Lincoln force wants to overthrow our Independent AMurican Democracy so they can impliment a Fascist Dictatorship where Jesuit Corporations will end all civil liberties as you all know it and take us 6 million Jews into the FEMA concentration camps.

    So keep it up anti-semites. Your reasoning skills blow! Keeping hating the hand that goes face to face fighting the Neo-Fascist, Jesuit Teabagging Agenda!

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