Israel will push America into a new war unless stopped

New Video From Anthony Lawson: Another War For Israel – Featuring America’s Newest Allies: Al Qaeda (An American/Israeli Invention!)

It does seem that this rush to war against the innocent nation of Syria has momentarily hit a few stumbling blocks for the lunatics in both the US and criminal state of Israel’s governments.   The so called “speech” a few nights back by the criminal US President has definitely not swayed American opinion, and in fact has made that criminal himself look like a liar.   It now appears that short of a new Israeli false flag attack on the United States to be conveniently blamed on Syria, the long sought attack has been “postponed”…

For this article, I want to present the newest video by Anthony Lawson…. It gives his perspective of this insane push for war in Syria, and is entitled: “Another War For Israel – Featuring America’s Newest Allies: Al Qaeda” and is a definite must see by everyone… I have it right here, and of course I have my own thoghts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is so amazing that the criminal US government is supporting this “Al Qaeda” in Syria, considering that they pushed the lie for years that it was “Al Qaeda” that did the murderous attack on the United States on 9-11 that killed some 3000 innocent Americans.   And most Americans cannot see the hypocrisy in that???

What everyone needs to understand (again) is that Al Qaeda itself is a fraud.  It is the creation of the Mossad and the CIA to have an “enemy” for their war on terror and their excuse to wage war on innocent nations.  Al Qaeda is in fact a horrible joke on the American people, and is always used by the Jew media and the Jew controlled US Government to strike fear in the public to get them to support wars of conquest…. The only nation that benefits from this phantom Al Qaeda organization and the destruction of nations is the criminal state of Israel!

I for one have long wished that the American public would have awoken by now to this facade, and realized that their criminal government will continue to push for an invasion of Syria to satisfy their Jewish masters unless they are forcibly stopped.    That time is woefully long overdue!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap

    To get to understand this cesspit of filth, and corruption we live in, people have got understand how the darkside works, what’s behind the power and politics, what kind of manifesto they adhere to, what’s the blueprint to their practices. Why they feel no remorse to the victims of their plans carried out.

    The closest I have come to understanding, and you may have come across this yourself, is through the writings of the below:

    “Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom “, from a book published in 1920 by Small, Maynard and Co., using the Protocols from Nilus which first appeared around 1884. [ Original spelling and punctuation remains uncorrected.]…p?q=1258822284

    Here’s a few extracts:


    THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. In laying our plans we must turn our attention not so much to the good and moral as to the necessary and useful. Before us lies a plan in which a strategic line is shown, from which we must not deviate on pain of risking the collapse of many centuries of work.

    Our motto is POWER AND HYPOCRISY. Only power can conquer in politics. . VIOLENCE MUST BE THE PRINCIPLE; HYPOCRISY AND CUNNING THE RULE of these governments which do not wish to lay down their crowns at the feet of the agents of some new power. THIS EVIL IS THE SOLE MEANS OF ATTAINING THE GOAL OF GOOD. For this reason WE MUST NOT HESITATE AT BRIBERY, FRAUD, AND TREASON when these can help us to reach our end. In politics it is necessary to SEIZE THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS WITHOUT HESITATION if in so doing we attain submission and power.

    There is one great force in the hands of modern states which arouses thought movements among the people. That is THE PRESS. . . but governments were unable to profit by this power and IT HAS FALLEN INTO OUR HANDS. Through it we have attained influence, while remaining in the background. Thanks to the press, WE HAVE GATHERED GOLD IN OUR HANDS, ALTHOUGH WE HAD TO TAKE IT FROM RIVERS OF BLOOD AND TEARS.

    To accomplish our plan, we will engineer the election of presidents whose past record contains some hidden scandal, some “Panama” — then they will be FAITHFUL EXECUTORS OF OUR ORDERS FROM FEAR OF EXPOSURE, and from the natural desire of every man who has reached authority to retain the privileges, advantages, and dignity connected with the position of president. The chamber of Deputies will elect, protect, and screen the president, but we will deprive it of the right of initiating laws of amending them, for THIS RIGHT WILL BE GRANTED BY US TO THE RESPONSIBLE PRESIDENT, A PUPPET IN OUR HANDS. . . .…p?q=1258822284

    rgds JKick

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