Israel nukes Syria. Four nuclear weapons used so far.

EX US Senator Cynthia Mckinney is in Syria right now. As soon as her schedule allows we will let you know. Below is a statement she released:

I am in Syria now with former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, where residents enjoy free education and free healthcare. Visited a Damascus hospital, the Grand Mufti, a school that has been turned into residences for Internally Displaced Persons. Ended the Day with Ogarit Dandash who founded “Over Our Dead Bodies,” a group of young people who climbed atop Mount Qasioun and dared U.S. bombs to target them. They are still there in defiant resistance to any war against Syria.

Mount Qasioun should be the site of a peace party not bombing strikes.

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4 Responses to “Israel nukes Syria. Four nuclear weapons used so far.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow how many other US politicians would go there but this woman speaks the truth for americans and she has guts !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isreal testing their bunker busters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    why cant we in england also have an honest politician ?
    Tam Dalywell and Robin Cook
    told the truth, but they ned our suport
    Robin cook murdered by tony blair RIP

  4. Anonymous says:

    In England we need to replace the psychcopaths with representatives OF the people not career politicians/criminals.


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