Internet security companies scam their clients and sell their information

McCaffee is scamming web sites for ransom money

Jim Stone, August 13 2013


Unlike a lot of empty warnings around the web, this one is exactly as stated. McCaffee is now blacklisting web sites and asking for ransom money to have the blacklist removed. This happened to NaturalNews, and Natural News was forced to pay $32,000 USD to McCaffe for a one year hiatus on the blacklist. My own web site has been extensively blacklisted by many different blacklisters who ask for ransom money to clear the blacklisting, and many others that simply blacklist it and say nothing at all. I ignore them because I don’t have the finances I need to comply with the demands placed by the modern day “accepted by the government with no oversight or protection scammer”.

This can only mean the government, or those with a choke hold on the government, are running these scams. It would be a class A felony under any rule of law to demand a huge ransom to lift a blacklist on a totally innocent site, and if a blacklisting was legitimate it could never be lifted anyway. I continuously receive ransom demands from Ripoff Report, and I’d beg to question how this can be happening when I don’t sell or promise anything here, so it is impossible for any ripoffs to originate here. But when it comes to blacklists, none of that matters. Once you are on it, you get filtered.
If you want to know the real state of the union, and not the presidential puff piece, one main point that would be included is that the Jewish mafia is alive and well, and as usual is using every tool possible to extort and steal from the innocent in exchange for “protection” from that which the Jews will do themselves. No one other than the Jewish community would EVER get away with having a company as big as McCaffee rip off huge web sites like NaturalNews in exchange for ransom money, we all know who runs the show now and apartheid is the status quo when they do. We are all just a bunch of disposable animals to them anyway.
That McCaffe would extort Natural News is not a surprise to me when late last year I had a Microsoft programmer contact me stating that Microsoft will give any zionist company willing to pay the price the keys to any non Jewish company’s networks so they could go in and steal all the secrets, research and development, and financial info from a non Jewish competitor or any individual so they could then be destroyed in the market place. This same programmer said that McCaffee and Norton would do the same, and that both worked closely with Microsoft to make sure there were no system incompatibilities that would prevent them from being able to provide their own back doors into anyone’s system for a price. It’s no wonder why Jewish companies now dominate everything when they can steal and rape in secret, totally unabated.

Needless to say, the mails from this programmer got cut after the second one, and after that is when my mail boxes started getting totally raped. All it takes is for me to list an e-mail address or contact method on the front page of this site and within a few hours it is rendered sterile. If you have tried to contact me, remember, I do not ignore mails. You received no response because I have been banned from receiving messages, and people watch this site like hawks to shut down ANY mail box linked to the front page. And secure contact forms are quickly rendered useless as well, though they tend to last a little longer than a mailbox does. In the past when I was allowed to receive mail, a large portion of this web site consisted of mails from readers, and because many were very damaging to the goals of the “elite” that avenue of information was silenced.
The bottom line is that with regard to the zionists and the power elite, the internet has become the new wild west, where heists and ransom payouts are the order of the day if the innocent want to survive. You can’t count on the zionist controlled NSA, FBI, or any government body that can exert force on the web to do anything about the likes of McCaffee scamming people with illegitimate blacklist threats when the enemy rules the roost and has usurped the legitimate power and law enforcement base. If you want to know what it is like to lose a nation and a war without a single shot being fired, America is a prime example. Dark days are ahead.

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8 Responses to “Internet security companies scam their clients and sell their information”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I realized just what these ‘security’ software company’s were doing some time ago and now routinely ignore their ridiculous ‘security’ censor warnings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Norton in the past have been found out for creating viruses just to sell their anti-virus software and play on peoples’ fears.

    Switch to Linux… and viruses/malware become a thing of the past.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One is immediately reminded of the old story of how the firewall Zone Alarm was bought by an Israeli company – in case any of you are using such.


  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s not many security companies that have not been bought and paid for by Israel any more, RabbiT.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A bit like the pharmacutical companies dropping viruses so that the public buy their remedies?.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Big Pharma needs people to be sick.

    Profits come before health in their book.

    That’s a fact of life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    yes israel has much to answer for, the jews hate the whole world, why does not the USA march in and destroy their WMDs ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Anti-Virus business has been a huge scam from day one, where do you think most of the virii come from?

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