How to make war and killing more acceptable to the public

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I find today’s Guardian article by Ben Quinn relating to the MOD’s study “How To Sell Wars” not only an insult to human intelligence but an insult to those whom have lost their lives fighting the Elites wars.
Note the concept of future wars, mercenaries and unmanned (drones) as though this makes war more palatable. Not so, war is war and war is the enemy. Those that favour war are the enemy, namely, the Elite and governments that follow their orders. Time was that they pulled the wool over peoples eyes with their propaganda but not any more. Their time is up, daily more and more people are having the wool pulled from their eyes and seeing the Elite and war for what they truly are. Enemies of mankind!
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MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public

Exclusive: Families angry at proposal to lower profile of repatriation ceremonies

Read the MoD thinktank’s study
The armed forces should seek to make British involvement in future wars more palatable to the public by reducing the public profile of repatriation ceremonies for casualties, according to a Ministry of Defence unit that formulates strategy.

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  1. Good ol’ Nobel of Nobel prize fame (who now rotates as a dynamo in his grave seeing the latest awardees) thought his invention of dynamite would end all wars. He was in for a surprise. Then came the war to end wars. Everyone once again was in for a surprise. So ‘liking’ a war (why not on Facebook 🙂 is not an issue. Whoever thinks wars could go out of fashion is as easily deluded as those who think they could be made likable. They just happen somehow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From time to time I look through the comments in the Guardian, usually to read some of the hysterical defending of the global warming scam by people who seem to think they are well educated and a little above the rest of humanity.

    This article is no different, in their quest to appear scholarly the commentors lose the whole point.

    To be honest I think theres a mental illness within Guardian readers, all ranting of left wing this, right wing that. They fail to see that theres only the super rich and the rest of us, all else is an illusion spun to keep the likes of the Guarianista in perpetual debate about fantasy.

    And the names of these “news” papers make me smile, Guardian..of what?

    Its like the “Conservatives”, theres nothing left to conserve unless its the massive wealth of our zionist establishment.

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