How empires decline – including America’s

“A nation can be one or the other, a
democracy or an imperialist, but it
can’t be both.”

– Chalmers Johnson.

If you don’t know what historian
Chalmers Johnson has to say about
the future of the United States.

Must watching.


TAP – He talks of internal corruption being a prime factor.  What is not mentioned is whether that corruption is a deliberate device of the supremely wealthy.  Imagine if you were the richest person in Rome by far.  If the Empire prospered, others would no doubt rise up to equal your wealth and power over time.  But if you managed to collapse that Empire and cast all others into ruin, while at the same time you preserved your own supreme wealth, you or your descendants would then be able to start new nations and empires to ride on, as they grew up, unaware you were controlling them from the shadows.  They in turn could be collapsed from within before anyone else could get to the pinnacle of power and wealth. 

People are becoming aware of Rothschild wealth getting so great over the last two hundred and more years.  But what if the Rothschild position merely repeated that of their predecessors throughout history, and Rome was deliberately destroyed by its super wealthy banksters, as was Britain’s Empire, Russia’s and all others over thousands of years?  It would make sense to see the source of power not as nations, but as families, dynasties and the secret organisations they control.  

What would you do if the supreme family was yours?  You might be a well-meant person who wouldn’t care one way or the other, but you might then be ‘removed’ by another individual within your family who could see how to achieve total power.  There has been a little pruning within the ranks of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.   If you were driven by a desire to rape children, or murder children, you would always need to be supremely powerful over all other human beings to be able to satisfy your requirements.  No democracy would ever tolerate such criminal leanings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has the project (PNAC) run into difficulties? They were meant to have it all sorted in a 5yr plan.
    The bombing was meant to start 2 wks ago. The western press has been beating the drums and supporting the attacks. Not only has the war been delayed the main faces in the war machine have all lost credibility and have become laughing stock – McCain, Kerry, Hague, Hollande, Bibi.
    False flags are not working as they used to and even another massive event such as 9.11 won’t have the effect needed to galvanise support for more war. To organise an underwear bomber takes a few months but an event like 9.11 takes many years to plan. I doubt they have given up and the rush to war might have been a last ditch attempt to keep the NWO agenda within the usa influence. Is it that BRICS will take over the NWO agenda and the west will end up on the sidelines? Who knows.
    The usa set up PNAC to continue their hedgemony for the next century and it looks like the plans are so delayed and the costs are now so high the NWO agenda has decided to use another method involving different countries to achieve their plan. The usa didn’t have long to achieve their hedgemony as the debt riddled economy is bound to collapse. QE was put in place to eek out a bit more time but one has to wonder why this has not caused mass inflation. Sure real inflation is much higher than the western economies admit to but the only reason it has not been much higher is that the money created with QE has not gone into the economies, it can not have done.
    It looks like the PNAC menbers have been used and betrayed by their backers, the western economies which have been carried since 2008 look set to collapse since they now are of no use. Does this mean the end for the west and Israel?

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The article is absolutely spot on.That is exactly what has happened throughout history.The “elite” are predator animals.All you need to do is study lions or wolves and you know what they get up to.Civilisation is just how they deal with their slaves.8delieds

  3. Tapestry says:

    It is obvious they’ve been trying to get a war going for a long time – with Iran, in Asia and now with Syria and Russia.

    Each attempt has been frustrated so far.

    They use wars to crush all established nations and then ride on a newcomer. Trouble is that people are getting wise to the game after two hundred and fifty years of it.

    The current plan is to set all against Israel which will be destroyed, and will destroy many others. The old nations will be suppressed, and the NWO will look for a new tiger to ride. The trouble is that the NWO’s families and their stooges like Blair, Cameron and Clegg are increasingly known and they too could well be demolished in the confraglation they wish to create.

    Even the NWO might have to opt for peace and then use economic weapons only to crush nations. Those devices too are anticipated and understood. Governments like Iceland and Hungary are breaking free of them. Others will follow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The enlightened segments of all nations should pledge to eradicate the global parasite in the event of WW3 so that this cant happen. Should I survive I would be happy to wait outside their underground bunkers for them to emerge lol

    The fact that some very brave people are making the war criminal Bliars life a misery hunting him down for arrest is heart warming, as arrogant and protected by our taxes he might be, it must cross his mind that someday one may just get him (what kind of person would take a bullet for something like our Tone?..I wouldnt be his bodyguard for all the tea in China).

    Just like a flea or tic the global parasite will move on to another host when discovered and scratched. name of the game is to Bob Martin it before it does.

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