Hacked documents reveal Syria chemical attack was staged, sponsored by US

A hacker by the name of €Wagn3r claims to have hacked approximately 20 members of the Pentagon and some of their spouses. In their emails US Colonels utilize a high number of military acronyms which, when looked, up point to a conversation about intelligence budgets and how to fund operations. The correspondence indicates the US government was the most probable sponsor of the latest chemical attack in Syrian Ghouta. 

The correspondence retreived by €Wagn3r shows a series of emails between Colonel Anthony J. MacDonald and Gene Furst, Program Manager at the Department of the Army.
Gene says ”congratulations” on “your latest success” and then references the Washington Post article on the chemical attack in Damascus. 
Two other emails go back and forth from Jennifer MacDonald (the Colonel’s wife) and their neighbor Mary Shapiro. As she puts it, “He said the kids weren’t hurt, it was done for cameras”.
“Then a friend of Anthony MacDonald’s wife Jennifer writes she was shocked seeing on TV that children died after the chemical attack in Syria. Jennifer answers she saw the story but Tony calmed her down saying the children were alive and the scene was staged,” €Wagn3r commented on one of the emails.
Regarding the authenticity of these emails, Mary Shapiro allegedly acknowledged receipt of these emails and said they were authentic.
The only question is whether or not Colonel MacDonald’s wife actually sent the emails; however they were laced with so many personal details that it’s hard to think otherwise.
As for Colonel Anthony J. MacDonald himself, a simple Google search leads to his LinkedIn account. Unfortunately it has been taken down. Fortunately, there is a cache version on the internet.
While the Colonel most definately has a very impressive resume, most importantly, it is based in intelligence.
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