Greenpeace is nothing more than a money-making brand

I joined Greenpeace more than 20 years ago. I wish I could say that my experience has been good. It hasn’t. I am highly critical of the top management deliberately avoiding an investigation into CHEMTRAILS and also, let’s face it, Greenpeace’s websites give over huge amounts of marketing space to LEVI JEANS and other big corporations who have been “named, shamed and then promoted & advertised to the Greenpeace crowd”… Frankly, I find the management deeply weird and seem to be more interested with MEMBERSHIP & MERCHANDISE sales than anything else…. Hence, I wonder now, is this latest escapade in Russia a RECRUITMENT & DONATIONS DRIVE? It probably is – and I am ripped between one half saying its better that people donate to Greenpeace, and the other half of me saying that really, there is virtually NO DIRECT ECOLOGICAL CONSERVATION PROJECT sponsored by Greenpeace at the moment….

I’m sorry to report that more than 20 Greenpeace members have got themselves arrested at gunpoint in Russia – they seem to have been arrested by the Russian version of the SAS…

I donated about a hundred thousand pounds’ worth of video gear to Greenpeace, and they have made some great instructional videos – but right now, I’d like to see the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT CUT THE 50% TAX ON SOLAR PANELS and I would prefer Greenpeace to be handing out cheques and donations to REAL-LIFE conservation projects, and creating fresh set-ups which protect and conserve wildlife than these high-profile high jinx escapades with clothes manufacturers. Greenpeace members have been MURDERED in the past by the FRENCH GOVERNMENT – the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior is still an incident which even some Greenpeace members themselves know nothing about.

I established my own ecological foundation and have planted and self-seeded thousands of trees and created a nature reserve for rabbits, eagles, owls, pheasants and all kinds of critters – I wish Greenpeace would follow my suggestion and open up nature reserves using members’ donations. I will be embarking on a big wildlife 3D Super-definition filming project soon. I believe in hands-on direct Nature Conservation – not building a ‘brand’ which is what Greenpeace has become.

Chris Everard

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  1. NPP says:

    Just heard UKIP on BBC Today radio 4 supporting fracking.
    Oh dear… every time you think a party just might be OK, they blow it. Farage is entertaining, but he’s the same old same old. The political party is surely a tired old idea due for retirement.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most charities like Greenpeace, WWF, Cancer Research, Oxfam (and the list goes on) are just money laundering organizations.

    Charities can legally give just 1 percent of donations to the designated cause if they want. It’s those middle-men creaming off the top that you should be more concerned about. Charities, by law, have to give *something* to the designated cause, but there is nothing in law which states that they have to give *all* the money donated. That’s where the scam is hidden.

    Best way to get rid of them is to stop funding/donating to them as they are just playing on your emotions.

    For instance, you want to donate to the homeless. Instead of donating to the various homeless charities why not go on the streets where the homeless frequent and give them some food and spend half an hour just chatting to them letting them know somebody in the world gives a damn. They will appreciate that.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I bet the heads of Greenpeace dont go by train or bus to save the environment!

    It will be top class German prestige cars similar to those that roll out of the NSPCC head office carpark every day.

    Time we put away our toys and stopped letting the “elite” refer to us as the children, by doing so we will see clearly how virtually everything we perceive to be real is nothing but a con or scam to rob us and control.

    Although sadly some people are happy in their delusion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Wonder what the Geenpeace angle on GMO’s is.
    What do they have to say about the missing Birds and Bees, killed by BT toxin.
    What do they have to say about Chemtrailing.
    Also has anybody in the West UK noticed what time the Sun is setting and where. We cannot see it in the East because they have Chemtrailed it out for several weeks.

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