Freedom of speech under attack

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By Sergey Baranov
September 25, 2013
While sharp-looking guys on TV are transmitting the state approved “news’’ readily packaged for public consumption, the American people are waking up to the televised lies and mechanized deception of so-called mainstream media.
Recent attacks on the Constitution and consequently on the American people, have shaken many more minds out of the hypnotic trance perpetuated by the mainstreampropaganda machine which falls apart when met with critics.
An attack on the freedom of speech and freedom of the press has never been as vicious as it’s seen today.  Senator Feinstein is taking the lead in attempt to ban citizen’s journalism by redefining the Constitution.[1]
In the recent judicial hearing Senator Feinstein made an attempt to give a new definition to the freedom of speech and freedom of press, claiming that if a person is not an employee of the state approve media entity, then he isn’t qualified to be journalist.
While attempting to define a reporter, Senator Feinstein brought an example of a 17 years old high school dropout starting a blog vs.“real” reporters with “bonafide credentials” and professional qualifications.
Further in her speech, while referring to the Shield Bill, Senator Feinstein expressed gratitude for the cooperation between the media coalition and the senators with whom together they made sure that the bill will not give a protection to those who are not qualified to be journalists by the state standards. A legitimate journalist, she explained, is someone who is affiliated with established media entities, a list of which she further provides! “We included a very broad list of media entities to which the journalists can be affiliated’’
So first she defines what a legitimate journalist means; a person who works for the established media entity, then she provides us with the list of who the established media entities are! That’s mean that if you are working for one of those designated state approved mainstream media outlets, you are considered to be real journalist and you can enjoy the protection of journalist’s Shield Bill. If you not, you are simply viewed as an amateur blogger who is no longer protected by the Constitutional right to free speech and free press, only because Senator Feinstein has said so.
Do we need a constitutional lawyer to explain to us that this is a serious violation of the First amendment right for freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Senator Feinsten’s amendment will limit both freedoms to the size of a gag order, legalizing an illegal amendment.
Besides, why making a 17 years old high school dropout to be an archetype for the alternative media? There are plenty of mature, educated and intelligent people representing alternative media whose real content attracts many readers. Besides, a 17 years old high school dropout who is sincerely trying to wake people up by exposing the government corruption is by far more credible and valid than any state approved “real” journalists with “bonafide credentials”.
There are many alternative news websites which bring truthful, uncensored information to the public, something which the establishment media simply doesn’t do. But I guarantee you that neither Drudge Report, nor RT, Infowars or Intellihub, to mention just a few alternative media outlets who are providing the public with uncensored reports, opinions and analysis of the current events, would be on the “list of media entities the journalists can be affiliated with in order to be considered “real’’. The uncensored content presented by the alternative media will never be approved by the government. This is why Drudge Report, for example, is visited by tens of millions people a day, while the mainstream media is struggling to retain a handful of viewers.
But if that is not convincing enough, let’s look at the facts.
It is scary to imagine what would happened if we wouldn’t have the internet, and we would have to rely on the mainstream media to supply us with news. How much would we know and what would we think if our opinion was based only on the paid content brought to us by the mainstream propaganda machine and the factory of lies?
Should we rather trust the BBC reporters who have reported the collapse of the building 7 during the 9/11 attack, 20 minutes before it had actually collapsed?[2] Was this reporter a clairvoyant psychic in addition to being a journalist with “bonafide credentials”?
Or should we trust the CNN reporters who have been caught staging fake news segments and producing state sponsored propaganda?[3]
There are more examples. But I think the point is made.
Should we wonder why an attack on citizen’s journalism is fully blown over now or the fact that WW3 was postponed thanks to the alternative media is enough?
It is clear that if only those “legitimate” journalists would be allowed to report on the news, America would already find itself in two more illegal wars with Syria and Iran, probably escalating the regional conflict to a larger war and possible nuclear exchange between U.S. Russia and China. It didn’t happen so far because the alternative media were able to reshape public opinion, programed by the mainstream sewer media towards war. This is exactly why the powers that be are trying to silence it. The good news is that the establishment’s control over the people’s mind through the propaganda apparatus is steadily fading away.
So who is the real media and who have got the power? Well the answer is obvious.
This is why it is important to support it. These are the times to get involved. Speaking up and speaking out is what’s needed most these days.
Contact your congressman and senators and let them know what you think. After all, they need your votes to remain in office.
You can also support movements for truth and freedom near you. A march against the mainstream media, or as senator Feistein called it a “media coalition”, the very same people who wants to criminalize citizen journalism, freedom of speech and freedom of press, will be happening on November 16 nationwide. Marchers will gather together to exercise their First amendment right of peaceful assembly.

Don’t let the mainstream sewer media to flush your brain and rights away!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At the end of W W 2 the English people as a whole were sick of wars for the jews and the bankers, and threw Winston Churchill from office with the words “no more “
    Jews have infiltrated into every branch of British life, pop music, ruined now with rap, art now spoilt with modern art crap,
    education now filled with homosexual studies, politics now dominated by the jew lobbies.
    We want our country back, Britian now is almost toa man on the soe of Syria and Iran, we will not have the jews drag us into any more wars for them.
    so hey jews , you wantanother war ? you go fight it cos we just aint.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said that man!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jewdiciary Committee SD – 226


  4. Anonymous says:

    Money money money money. And for this reason – Nothing will change.

    The human species is too corrupt, filled with lust and loves to wallow in greed.

    Ok, so you might turn around and say “im not” but if you got the chance to be lifted up to a (much) higher pay bracket i think 99.6% of you would take it……whatever the cost.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 3.03

    And the beast/money lender knows this weakness is inherent in mankind.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Money will soon be useless due to the financial collapse. Food and gold/silver will be the primary currencies and that’s why so many people are prepping.

    Let’s face it, your savings accrue an interest rate which is lousy to say the least but gold/silver will continue to increase in value. It’s not safe to leave your money in banks anyway as most are bankrupt.

    This guy is worth a listen to (skip to 01:15:48):

  7. Anonymous says:

    hilary clinton is seenas a bigger joke now than even when she came to power, she was promised power by the jewish lobby if she kept her cool and her mouth shut about her husbands philandering

  8. salty says:

    The Israel Lobby’s Dangerous Agenda for the U.S.:
    Attack Free Speech and Criminalize Resistance

    March 30, 2016.

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