Flower power. Peace.

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Something may be brewing in Turkey, other than chemical weapons supply route stories:

An outbreak of rainbow peace statements being painted by the public throughout Turkey:
Tap, I attach images for your editorial discretion and include them on my blog posting:

Always remember, the government and authorities can say and do one thing, while the general public, the people, in all our countries, can think and even do something else. Let’s not tar everyone with the same brush. The onslaught from Kerry & co indicates that as the system cracks, they are desperately trying to lock us down harder. Well, I’m pointing a middle finger Celente-style right back at ’em! Among all the other stuff, let’s paint!

Despite Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan apparently supporting action against Assad’s regime in Syria, Turks are painting for peace; “… simple Istanbul local, Hüseyin Çetinel” painted some grey steps in a central district of Istanbul, Cihangir Caddesi:
Graying of ‘rainbow’ steps in Istanbul causes immediate backlash:

This New York Times blog was sent me this morning:
With a Burst of Color, Turkey’s Public Walkways Become a Focus of Quiet Protest:

The Turkish PM denied the Rainbow Bridge project back in 2004…
Egemen Bağış, Istanbul Parliamentary Deputy, adviser and translator to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, informed sponsor BASF that the PM saw positive aspects to the project, but held 3 main concerns:
01 The “San Francisco” issue (BASF tried to convince the government authorities that this is not of relevance especially if the project is marketed in the right way)
02 Terrorism (may always remain an open issue)
03 No local paint producer involved (this was corrected, because then sponsor BASF have a local partner for the paint and would deliver the pigments only. Local Turkish paint companies had previously been approached directly, but only BASF responded in the affirmative)

Yes, I am aware of the history of my then paint sponsor German Chemical Company BASF, just as I am with BP and a whole list we can reel off. Whatever the e.g. CEO of Nestle may say about water as a commodity… oh dear oh dear… these global companies comprise of individuals who want peaceful, healthy and constructive resolutions just as you and I outside the corporate structure. In 2006 NPP joined staff from BASF at the Gelecegimizin Cokcuklari Vakfi; a kids school and hostel foundation in the Fatih district of Istanbul, to paint the buildings:
This is just one example of numerous painting in public projects I undertook in Turkey, with the public, in schools, shopping malls, hotels… always using the 7 colours of the rainbow to promote the Rainbow Bridge project.

The rainbow represents many things to many people, from sexual orientation to esoteric symbolism, and among them frequency and vibration: LOVE > fear.

Let us encourage children to consider the tiny spectrum of wave frequency we human beings currently limit ourselves to. Brian Cox, David Attenborough, Hawking and Dawkins still wave the flag of conventional wisdom maintaining the parameters between Darwinian Evolution and Creationism, when a growing number are looking to Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell, Michael Cremo, Graham Hancock, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake… David Icke: 
“… the world is run on the assumption it is solid when it is not; we are vibrational wave form information.” 

“We think we know what reality is, but all we know is what we’ve been told reality is from our childhood onward… right now in Western technological societies, the idea is reality is (this stuff… Hancock knocks the table…. matter) material things…. all aspects of reality may be reduced to matter or the spaces between matter, but that is not a fact.”
Graham Hancock on London Real 05.08.2013

How are things changing? Turkey has already given us the pre-Columbus Piri Reis map and now Göbekli Teppe which predates the Giza pyramids. Author and vocal peace advocate Graham Hancock is right now in Turkey to see Göbekli Teppe for himself as part of research for forthcoming publications. Chemtrails are being acknowledged as fact rather than fiction; electronic chips are being found in bodies; an increasing body of opinion is defying the myths and possible harms of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Such conversations must be engaged rather than dismissed otherwise, as Graham Hancock says:

“Materialist dogma is the death of science.”

I am getting FaceBook messages and e-mail from one of the biggest cities in the world Istanbul, “… is this (rainbow painting) your doing?”

No, I’m here in the English countryside ‘stix’. They are doing it, it is their initiative. It is just one of those unexpected spontaneous outbursts of expression and I love it! Bravo to these spontaneous artistic actions defying the authorities and the war mongers with peaceful, colourful activity. The painting is not necessarily just about anyone subject such as Syria, but a myriad of dissatisfaction and people are expressing themselves in a  ‘quiet’, peaceful manner via the power of art!

Just as Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente said in a recent interview with Jeff Rense 14.08.2013:

“Verdi’s main objective in composing the music that he did, was to raise the spirit of the Italian people so they would rise up against their oppressors. He did it with music. It was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists. He did it with music… calm the savage breast. You know; the power of music.”

(I include a longer transcript and link below)

The rainbow steps in Cihangir were not a ‘gay’ message, but a peaceful message to cheer up and make colourful some grey steps in an area of the city known for its artist, actor and activist community.
“The retired engineer said his only aim was to “beautify his surroundings…. Joined by three of his friends, he spent around 1,500 Turkish Liras, nearly $725, and the painting took a week’s work and 40 kilos of paint.”
It just happens to be my old street of several years, Cihangir Caddesi and the steps I went up and down most days. It is the Cihangir where my apartment windows shook from the reverberation s of a suicide bomber 9/10 and where the next day I watched 9/11 live on cable TV.

And how did the local authorities react to these rainbow painted steps? The authorities ordered the rainbow steps be painted back to grey, just as the authorities want to keep the underside of the Bosphorus Bridge grey. In response the public are spontaneously painting rainbow peace colours not only in Istanbul, but other towns across the country. I’m not sure to what extent it is happening, but it is worth sharing to add to the body of global public desire: NO MORE WAR. Even a photo of PM Erdoğan has been given shades of rainbow colour. Goodness, he will not like that; he has a history of bringing charges against cartoonists taking aim in his direction.

Tayyip Erdoğan voices support for regime change in neighbouring Syria. I sense the Turkish public do not support intervention with their neighbours Syria. Bare in mind, there is the on-going situation with Kurds in Syria, Iraq and so forth which complicates border issues for Turkey.

However, with the UK parliament voting against intervention in Syria, reflecting the will of the British public, now the Turkish is protesting against war and authoritarian rule. In the UK, UKIP and Nigel Farage’s a vocal public stand against Syrian intervention perhaps galvanises much greater public support than the Tories, Lib-Dems or Labour realise.

In recent weeks in Istanbul on the Asian side, Fenerbahçe football fans chanted:
Everywhere Is Taksim Square! Everywhere Is Resistance!
Fenerbahçe-Arsenal maçı 34.Dakika.her yer Taksim her yer direniş
It’s 24 seconds worth…in reference to recent Gezi Park protests in and around Taksim Square. Protest continues to bubble under the relative calm surface in Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan (sounds like: air-dough-an, silent g) has voiced criticism at the removal of the Muslim Brotherhhood in Egypt. Erdoğan is criticised at home for his perceived authoritarian methods. Even football fans are making statements of protest at reported by Hurriyet Daily News:
Arsenal guns down Fenerbahçe’s CL hopes with 3-0 win in Istanbul: Fenerbahçe 0 Arsenal 3
“The first half was more charged politically than football-wise as Fenerbahçe fans chanted Gezi protest slogans during the 34th minute – symbolically referring to Istanbul’s plate number. “

I feel we should highlight and support these pockets of public protest against the ‘war mongers’; against these official assholes; against these criminals!. As I wrote to my Conservative MP Matthew Hancock recently,
“New and innovative ideas are surfacing through the status quo of conventional wisdom. I and many others are becoming aware of personal sovereignty and the idea of invading foreign sovereign nations is going to become obsolete. Are you with us or against us Matthew?”

Even at the Istanbul art biennial it is a rainbow light artwork being highlighted:

Was verbal language given unto us to confuse; divide and rule? When they built pyramids, the pyramids without hieroglyphs, not the tombs, did they communicate telepathically? Today, because of the different languages, visual imagery and music audio can help to unite and free.

Ideas are not owned, they are to be shared and the simple act of painting 7 colours of the rainbow in countries throughout the world would be wonderful; an outbreak of painting making statements for peace: No More To War! Anyone can paint Rainbow Bridge. It’s an idea and it does not have to be me doing the painting. For now I leave you with observations from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente in an interview with Jeff Rense 14.08.2013: transcript 39:00 mins onwards:

Celente: It’s a plantation economy; the corporations are the plantations you work for. Unlike the plantations where you had to house and feed them, you don’t have to do that anymore. You just use ‘em up and spit ‘em out.

Rense: The age of expendability.

Celente: How about the art of self respect? I’m a researcher, I have to go to malls, see what’s going on. What a sad, sad scene. Looking at all these young kids, dressed like pigs and as heavy as pigs… I cannot believe seeing young boys and girls in their early teens being so grossly fat and dressed like slobs. The human spirit has to change.

Rense: When you see on the outside; tattoos, piercings, dead eyes, obese bodies, ugly clothing, dirty clothing, unkempt people… is that a reflection of the inner workings of the mind and psyche or is it a reflection of social engineering and peer pressure? The answer is all of the above. And a surgically grafted smart phone in their damned hand… if they don’t get a message, I’m willing to wager the pressure is so intense, people loose feelings of self worth if they are not being contacted by someone at a very fast pace in their lives. It’s an amphetamine lifestyle, audio, video, text phone, cell phone…  

Celente: They’re calling rap music. Call it what you want, it’s not music; there’s no instruments in it, it’s techno… a way of making a statement without doing anything. Let me show you how angry I am… expressing individuality without ever doing a damn thing to make change……. It’s a freak show out there as I see it and until people find self respect within themselves, nothing is going to change… and when I talk of respect, look at the clowns running for political office…  Over here in New York you got this guy Spitzer. This is a guy born 3rd base and thought he had a triple… his father’s a real estate magnet. He passes the John Law; if you get caught with a hooker you get busted.

[ Anti-John law is a criminal-law statute enacted for punishing prostitutes’ customers. Anti-John laws impose stiffer penalties for the prostitutes’ clients or customers (johns) who in the past usually got off with an equivalent of a traffic ticket. The purpose of this law is to cut off traffic in minors, get rid of the prostitutes and the most harmful aspect of this trade.]

He gets caught with a $3,000 a night hooker and now he’s running for controller. Then you got this guy Weiner… you can’t make it up! Anthony Weiner, the guy who shows his pecker on FaceBook, under his underwear, and now he’s running for mayor. You look at this guy… he’s a freak!

Rense: Well, we live in a freak culture.

Celente: Now let’s go back to the opera. I went to see Rigoletto. Verdi’s main objective in composing the music that he did, was to raise the spirit of the Italian people so they would rise up against their oppressors. He did it with music. In the 1800’s, Italy was controlled by… Germany had a piece, Austria had a piece, Hungary, France, Spain… a lot of people had a piece of Italy. It was almost a bloodless revolution. It worked. The model exists. He did it with music… calm the savage breast. You know; the power of music. And people don’t realise it, just like they don’t want to admit they took the lowest common denominator of society, the gangsters, the most violent criminals in the penal system that they wouldn’t give shoe laces to or belts because they would strangle you with them and they made a fashion and a music statement out of it… just as they used music to raise the culture, they used it to destroy it and it worked.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trouble with rainbows is they cause rain.
    Then the rain gets in your hair and clothes.
    Might be the same with these rainbow steps.
    If the rain made the steps slippy and sloppy, and you slipped right to the bottom and fell into the bucket.
    You would wish the steps had stopped gray.

  2. Anonymous says:

    just as important as the resonance film



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