Doubts over Panorama / Newsnight sources on Syria broadcasts

The BMJ Blog website (British medical Journal) says **** is her first name. If you go to the General Medical Council website and search for a British registered doctor by the first name of “****” only one comes up surname ** ******, a woman who graduated from King Saud! university in Riyadh in 2002. Open democracray website writes “The crisis has had a very personal impact on ****’s family. Her father, also a doctor, helped coordinate medical logistics from inside Syria in the early days of the uprising. He is now involved politically with the Syrian National Council”. And much more. If this woman is “the Dr ****”, then her comments on Panorama and Newsnight ARE NOT IMPARTIAL.

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Correction, there are five female doctors in the UK with the first name ****. One is no longer registered, one first registered in 1986 (which will probably make her too old) and the other three are: **** ** *****, **** Hallam & **** Salem. Funny that, because when I looked yesterday I am 99% certain, that there was only **** ** ******.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What EXACTLY is a Parasite?

    Rothchilds, Bilderbergers, Masons, Banks, Governments? etc etc

    Sucks you dry whilst (poisoning) intoxicating you, covertly?

    but keep you on the knifes edge as death is one step too far.


    Please add to the list, EXPOSE them NOW.

  2. Anonymous says:


    ”An unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.”

    If you are the Zionist/Common Purpose/state broadcasting propaganda outfit, then their ‘unbroken view’ of the whole region would make sense. They are right and everybody else is wrong.

    Straight out of the Marxist/Communist textbook.

    What a vile organisation the BBC is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    * Panorama

    I wish this site had an edit facility.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: Panorama “Dr Rola”. Lots about this woman now. Appears she is Dr Rola Hallam or otherwise known as Dr. Rola Al-Kurdi (maiden name?) Look at WikiSpooks. Is her father Mousa Al-Kurdi? a Syrian doctor who taught a young Assad at University, but is now aligned to The Syrian National Council. Lots about Mousa Al-Kurdi on the internet, including an Al-Jazeera interview in English. He is pictured with the deputy of the Arab League and former head of the Syrian National Council.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “If this woman is “the Dr Rola”, then her comments on Panorama and Newsnight ARE NOT IMPARTIAL.”

    By ‘impartial’ you apparently mean having nothing to do with the opposition. But you could take it further and say that if you’re a Syrian yourself, it hardly makes you impartial either. Perhaps you would have been happier if Panorama had made a programme on Syria without any Syrians.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am not Syrian, but I am impartial. The BBC IS NOT. The Panorama documentary is suspect and for Newsnight to not identify Dr Rola’s political position is fraudulent.

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