Do you remember believing all this nonsense?

Now it’s pretty clear.  The attacks on US Embassies were false flags.  This was fifteen years ago, when most people still trusted governments.  Not any more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the media today there is reference to the so-called “white widow”. She is the widow of Germaine Lindsay who was supposedly was one of the 7/7 bombers in london. My point is this: I read a few days ago about this woman and how she is the daughter of a british army officer and a suspected Mi6 asset. I wonder if we are being “prepared” yet again with a scare story about radical muslims and of course there will HAVE to be a security crackdown involving cia/mossad. Anytime the usual suspects are involved as in cia/mossad/Mi6 then we should only expect organised chaos, death and destruction.reiverdave

  2. Anonymous says:

    Says u tube have removed it.

  3. In all of this, I have been askig myself: what would the world be like without all of these “false flag” attacks? and How far back would we have to go back to erase all of this evil? I believe that I already know the answer….I just wish for a better world going foward!

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