DC Navy Shipyard Shooting Hoax Part 2 – Video Evidence

The videos represent dramatic evidence of the degree of this hoax, and a poorly done one at that. The hoaxers are getting increasingly more sloppy every time. There is no way there was any kind of incident at the Navy shipyard. This facility is swarming with security. No lone gunman packing ammo and an obvious long weapon could gain entrance.

It all is associated with the attempt by the Zionists to intimidate and corrupt, therefore the heavy presence of DHS-associated SWAT team members and National Guard, for instance, the hovering helicopters.
The reporter and the fake witness, though surely a Obama mole, begin the fake by being caught off guard joking and laughing. Then, when they realized they really were being recorded, they attempted a slightly more solemn appearance. 
Thank God for live interviews, Robbie Parker-style:
The world can write-off this whole event as an absolute hoax after watching the interaction between these two Obama cohorts.
Reporter: “But obviously you must have been  nervous man this morning.”
Fake witness: “It was a fairly terrifying experience.”
Our addition: Who in the world talks like that in a nonchalant manner after experiencing the sudden onslaught of a murderous gunman? “Fairly terrifying:” not believable. Regardless, does he in any respect have the appearance of being terrified? It is the opposite. He is actually smiling.
The fake witness then does the unconscionable, that is he, blundering, fully reveals the plot. At this point the interview is quickly curtailed, as he said (notice how he looks down, his lips contorted, talking out of the corner of his mouth when he begins his answers),
“But…this is what we trained for. This moment, now, let’s do it; let’s go; let’s do it. (It’s) no drill.”
At that moment of saying it’s a drill this highly poor actor gives another facial recognition: he sticks out his tongue, like an asp.
This is absolute proof of a hoax. Once again, this IS a drill, rather, a plot aimed directly against the American people and their inalienable rights.
All other ‘witnesses’ are hoaxers and fakers as well, such as this phony woman, who talks about how frightened she was, so much so she might not “come back to work” ever again. A Obama plant, she is demanding MORE security, including more military-style presence in one of the most secure facilities in the world.
Note how she incriminates herself through admitting that no one can get in without a security card, and that includes the non-existent gunman.
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