David Cameron’s Syria Defeat Instilled ‘Palpable Fear’ In Obama, Says US General

David Cameron‘s “humiliating defeat” in the Commons forced Barack Obama to seek political support for military action in Syria, a retired US general has said.

Former vice chief of staff of the US army Jack Keane told the BBC the Americans would “much rather” have UK support for any strikes against Bashar Assad’s regime.
General Keane told the BBC that he understood President Obama was planning a more substantial intervention in Syria than had previously been believed, with increased support for the opposition forces, including training from US troops.
UK military action was ruled out by the Prime Minister after the surprise reverse in the Commons last week and Downing Street has firmly played down the chances of a fresh bid to seek MPs’ approval for the involvement of British forces.
Gen Keane told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “We operate side by side with the UK and we know who our closest ally is. We certainly would much rather do this with the UK side by side, that’s how the military feels, I really think the leaders of the country feel.
“I think, if I may use some rich language here, the humiliating defeat the Prime Minister suffered in Parliament, I can only surmise was stunning to the President and I think it impacted on him.
“I think that’s one of the motivations that introduced what I call palpable fear and one of the reasons why he is seeking political cover himself.”
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4 Responses to “David Cameron’s Syria Defeat Instilled ‘Palpable Fear’ In Obama, Says US General”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The MSM and govt mouthpieces have strenuously played down the NO vote in the UK parliament and are using gross emotionalism to pressure those of us with clearer heads. However, the truth is out there and our NO vote has been given a ringing endorsement globally by common people everywhere including USA by highlighting the crass arrogance, incompetence and stupidity of our leaders on both sides of the pond. Much has been said about the need to enforce the will of the international community while the Brics and other nations are simply ignored by the US/UK. I think the whole shameful episode as conducted by the MSM and the warmongers has demonstrated the need to reform the U.N. and remove the status/title & privilege of “the 5 permanent members’ in favour of a truly open all-member global forum. Reiverdave

  2. Anonymous says:

    MSM is jew bulshit.
    My cousin just emailed me, he is in the US forces, and he said many US servicemen do not want to do to syria what they did to iraq and libya afghanistan etc, they dont want to do it, he said there is sucha breakaway movement that there is talk of a massive clampdown, as one guy said ” there are WMDs in the middle east and they are all in israel, and thats where we wanna go “

  3. Anonymous says:

    Friends I do believe we are approaching a tipping point in terms of our military forces now suffering such soul searching caused by an inherent sense of patriotism and duty while at the same time realising perhaps for the first time the truly evil nature and intentions of our collective “leaders”.
    I think it’s easier for any govt. to send forces “over there” and demand they follow orders if those forces have never ventured outside their own country before. Now we see battle hardened soldiers with several tours experience who suffer guilt and a whole host of other emotions because when you travel around the world and meet/interact with most people you realise they are exactly the same as we are! Surprise surprise! they only want to live in peace and raise their families and provide an improved existence for them. How can any human being simply kill indiscriminately when everything is relative? When invaded and shot at of course they will defend themselves in any way they can. That does not excuse or legitimize state sponsored murder and suffering such as we..UK/US have perpetrated upon so many innocents. Even with the best of intentions in attacking and destroying legitimate military targets, it always results in “collateral damage” and the deaths of many innocents which are routinely shrugged off as being merely an accident of war. To the military people who read this……you are required under the Nuremberg created international laws to STAND DOWN and DISOBEY orders if you believe them to be illegal.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hundreds of American Soldiers are committing suicide every day, how come this is not reported on the media.
    To me this says the American Government are not bothered, you are not even a number, you are cannon fodder.

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